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Tasket Syncs Google Task And iOS Reminders

Tasket Syncs Google Task And iOS Reminders

Tasket is a service that syncs your Google Tasks list with your iOS Reminders list. It performs this magical feat pretty much flawlessly, using a Microsoft Exchange server to do the syncing, and letting you add and remove tasks from pretty much anywhere.

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FindIt Lets You Search Dropbox, Gmail & Google Drive All At Once From Your iPhone


You know the document you’re looking for, but you can’t remember where it’s saved. Did you upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive, or was it sent to you in an email? Fortunately, a new iPhone app called FindIt lets you quickly search all three — all at once.

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In Case You Didn’t Already Get Enough Spam, Google Will Deliver Ads To Your Gmail Inbox


I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time deleting spam messages from my inbox — despite using a junk mail filter. But the issue is about to get a whole lot worse, with Google gearing up to deliver adverts to our Gmail inboxes. The messages will appear under the new Promotions tab that was recently introduced in a Gmail update, and Google is testing them on a small number of users now.

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Birdseye Makes Email on the iPad More Visual, Dynamic, and Yes, Even Fun


The words “fun” and “email” probably don’t belong together. But of the small handful of email apps available for the iPad, Birdseye is certainly the most fun. It’s also the most dynamic, with some cool tricks that should come standard with the stock iPad Mail app.

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Pebble Reaches 275,000 Pre-Orders, 1M App Downloads


Pebble has announced that its popular smartwatch has now surpassed 275,000 pre-orders, and more than 93,000 of them have been shipped since to over 150 countries since January.

The accompanying app for Android and iOS has been downloaded more than a million times, and the company has vowed to continue improving its development platform and give third-party app makers deeper access to the watch’s technology.

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Mailbox Update Brings Landscape Mode To iPhone, Support For Gmail ‘Send As’


Mailbox, the popular third-party Gmail client for iOS, has received yet more new features in its latest update. iPhone users can now take advantage of the new landscape mode for a wider look at their mail, and there’s now support for Gmail’s “send as” aliases.

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IFTTT Adds Feedly, Gmail Attachments And More

IFTTT Adds Feedly, Gmail Attachments And More

I shall assume that you all make some use of IFTTT, a.k.a. The Glue of the Internet. IFTTT (If This Then That) grabs things from various internet services and sends them to other services. Thus you can have all your Instagram photos sent to Flickr, or get a Boxcar push notification if its going to rain, or, or…

And IFTTT just added a couple of new services to the mix — Feedly, 500px and JetSetMe — plus one huge update to Gmail: support for attachments.

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Gmail App For iOS Updated With Improved Inbox And Better Notification Settings


Following Gmail’s snazzy addition of categories for easily filtering your inbox mail, the Gmail iOS app has also been updated to support the functionality.

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Gmail For Desktop, iOS And Android Gets A Whole New Inbox

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.28.41 PM

If you use Gmail on the desktop, Android or iOS, Google’s about to rock your inbox with new, customizable tabs that let you easily filter between messages from friends, your social notifications, your deals, your receipts, your tracking numbers, and much, much more.

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Airmail Is A Gorgeous New Mail App For Your Mac, And It’s Just $1.99


If you’ve been looking for that perfect mail client for Mac since Sparrow sold itself to Google, then now’s the time to stop and check out Airmail, a gorgeous new mail client that just hit the Mac App Store.

It actually looks a lot like Sparrow, and it’s designed to provide you with a “modern and easy-to-use experience.” But it’s packed full of great features to give you everything you’ll ever need for your email. It’s also a bargain at just $1.99.

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