You can finally bid farewell to your unwanted Google+ account



Get ready to say au revoir to that unwanted Google+ account you randomly get a friend requests on once a year.

Google announced today that in the coming months the company will allow you to create a YouTube Channel, or Gmail account, without creating a Google+ account. And for those of us who were forced onto Google+, there will be an option to finally remove your public profile.


Here’s how to get into the Inbox by Gmail beta, no invite required


You don't need an invite to get into Inbox with this nifty trick. Photo: Google
You don't need an invite to get into Inbox with this nifty trick. Photo: Google

Are you interested in Inbox, Google’s innovative new attempt to “fix” email, but haven’t gotten an invitation into the beta?

Good news: as long as you have a real-world friend who is already part of Inbox’s invite-only beta, you can easily get in, no invite required. Here’s how.

Gmail for iOS adds support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus



The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been out for over two weeks now, and while only a few popular apps have updated to natively support the new screen resolutions, Google is updating Gmail for iOS to support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus starting today.

The free update to the popular email app gets rid of the annoying fuzzy text iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users reported during the first two weeks. Now that the graphics have been updated the app puts the full Retina HD display to use, though it doesn’t appear that any new UI elements were added.

No new features were added either, but the app supports landscape mode when managing, reading and composing email. You can grab it for free from the App Store.

Source: iTunes

Gmail finally made it easy to unsubscribe from spammers



Scrolling to the bottom of every spam email in search of that tiny “unsubscribe” link is among my least favorite Internet chores, but Google is finally making it a lot easier to never receive spammy emails from all the brands, social networks, and Nigerian princes you’ve courted over the years.

To bring you one step closer to a clutter free inbox, the company announced on its blog this morning that Gmail users will now see a new “unsubscribe” link anytime they receive a bulk email.