Become An Email Ninja With This Gmail Course [Deals]



Email is a controlling beast sometimes. Don’t swim upstream against the ridiculous flow of important emails.

With this email course you will learn to effectively manage your email to increase productivity and get hours of your life back. No more wading through a flood of emails. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for 61% off the regular price – just $19!

People who use Gmail will get the most out of this class. However, all people who spend a lot of time in email will learn great tips to take to their own email.

The highlights of this course include:

  • Over 51 lectures and 3.5 hours of content
  • Manage your email more efficiently to increase your productivity and output
  • Spend dramatically less time in email and learn how to receive less mail
  • Understand the tools to have more effective conversations
  • Increase the speed at which you get through your email

The day has come. Take these deep dark Gmail secrets and turn yourself into a email ninja, slicing and dicing your inbox up like your never knew you could.

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  • Awesome course. Gmail can be so much more powerful when all the available organizational tools are used. What’s awesome is that if you can dream up a feature, you can build it. We found follow-up to be the key decider in getting important emails answered, so we automated it and basically leveled-up to getting more emails answered with more time to spare. Win.