Gusto Brings Super-Powerful Search To Mailbox-Like iPhone App


Gusto is yet another iPhone email app that promises to fix your email, and it looks pretty good. It’s Gmail-only and iPhone-only, and its gimmick is that it separates your mail messages into categories according to their attachments. It also has killer search capabilities.

The Gusto interface is just like Mailbox and a million other swipe-to-act email apps, but the auto-separation of your mails into tabs for regular mail, attachments and photos is a nice navigational touch. The real meat here is the search, though, which let’s you drill into multiple Gmail accounts and quickly fashion a complex search query by tapping options.

Parameters include the account, the date range, whether the mail is read or unread, whether it has attachments, the attachment type, size and on and on.

Even if you never use Gusto for regular mailing, it looks like it’s worth keeping around just for this powerful search.

How much? Free.

Source: iTunes Thanks: Liza!