Leaked Blueprints For New iPhone Support Recent Front & Back Panel Leaks

Could this be your next iPhone?
Could this be your next iPhone?

This time last week we had very little idea of what the new iPhone may look like. Sure, we had rumors and claims that gave us something to go on, but none of them were supported by any evidence. But in the space of just a few days, we’ve seen several front and back panels from a number of different sources, which have today been backed up by what is purported to be a leaked blueprint for the next-generation iPhone.

Apple’s Next iPhone Won’t Look Anything Like The iPhone 4S According To This Component

This component looks nothing like anything we've ever seen in a previous iPhone.

An “iPhone 5” SIM tray that was leaked by one parts supplier earlier this month suggested Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone may not get that long-awaited redesign after all, launching instead with a look that resembles its last two predecessors, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

However, a new headphone jack & earpiece component that has been leaked by the same supplier contradicts that belief, and indicates that the new iPhone will indeed sport a whole new look.