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Too Busy To Read? Let NewsBrain Read The Headlines Aloud For You


Less than two weeks after its iOS launch, intelligent news app NewsBrain has received an update that allows it to read news articles aloud to you.

To activate NewsBrain’s text-to-speech capability, simply tap the “share” button or press and hold on an article, before selecting the “speak” option — letting you get caught up with your reading while, for instance, jogging or driving to work.

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Google Wants You To Control Your Mac From Your iPhone… Chromotely?


Are you ready to access your Mac Chromotely? No, doubtlessly not. None the less, you will soon have the option to do just that from your iOS device, if an online document from Google is to be believed.

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A Synthesizer App That Is Like Daft Punk In Your Pocket


Budding musicians out there in the Cult of Macosphere may be interested to check out new app, Caustic, which promises to offer an impressive rack-mount synthesizer for iOS, featuring a total of 14 different machines and multiple effects.

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Soulver For iPad Gets iOS 7 Overhaul, As Soulver For iPhone Goes Universal


Although a graceful crystal ballet danced in the world of symbols, for those of us who aren’t particularly math minded, all those plus signs, minus signs, dividers and parentheses can get confusing when we’re trying to figure out a problem.

For us, iOS app Soulver is a godsend, allowing you to perform various mathematical captions and functions by just typing them out on real text. Today, the plain text math app has received a beefy update, not only updating its look for iOS 7 on iPad, but also making it universal.

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Facebook Rolls Out Annoying Auto-Playing Videos To Your iOS Newsfeed… Huzzah!


Hey guys! Do you like videos automatically playing when you scroll by them! No one does! That’s why Facebook’s just introduced the feature to its official iOS app.

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Designed For iOS 7, Castro Is The Most Beautiful Podcasting App

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.55.59 AM

Between Downcast, Instacast and even the official Apple app, there’s no shortage of great podcasting apps on iOS. For one specifically tailored to iOS 7, though, give Castro a try. At the very least, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

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Foursquare Finally Checks Into App Store With iOS 7 Makeover


Foursquare released a new update for its iPhone app today that finally brings the app in-line with iOS 7’s new white and minimal UI along with some new enhancements that make the app more socially aware than ever before.

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Mail Pilot Is Now Available For Mac In Public Beta

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.28.20 AM

One of the more popular app Kickstarter campaigns in recent memory is the one for Mail Pilot, an app that allows you to tame your inbox by treating it like a to-do list. In April, Mail Pilot was released for iOS, and users were told that a public beta was coming soon. And now it’s here!

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New FIFA Android And iOS App Allows Fans To “Never Miss A Moment”


FIFA has launched its new app as part of the countdown to 6 December’s 2014 football World Cup draw.

The free app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and offers not just the live draw in streaming video, but also match schedules, destination guides and team profiles for the tournament — set to take place in Brazil in summer 2014.

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Target Arms Black Friday Shoppers With Improved Maps, Shopping Lists And New iOS 7 UI


America’s favorite shopping day is almost here and what better way to prepare your customers for the slaughters of Black Friday than a juicy new app update? Target has released a free update for its iPhone app that finally brings an iOS 7-friendly UI to the retailer’s app.

Included among the new features is an improved Shopping List that allows users to build lists faster with typeahead results and shows which items on your list are on sale. The new What’s In Store feature shows shoppers which products are trending along with popular Cartwheel offers and recipes. Target has also improved its Find feature with more accurate maps, but unless you live in one of the beta areas you’ll have to wait before your local store map is available.

Here are the full release notes:

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