A beautiful, elegant app to check your iPhone’s battery on your Apple Watch

Save yourself energy while checking your iPhone's power.
This is the simplest, most elegant app for checking your iPhone's battery on your Apple Watch.
Photo: Thientam Beck

We all know that the Apple Watch doesn’t exactly have great battery life. At best, it’ll get you through the day. But, of course, one of the big sells of the Apple Watch is that it’ll save your iPhone battery life, because you don’t have to pull it out as much.

Of course, then you end up in a Catch-22. Your Apple Watch depends on your iPhone to work properly, but without pulling out your iPhone, you can’t tell how much battery you have left, therefore risking both your Apple Watch and your iPhone crapping out on you in the middle of the day. If only the Apple Watch could tell you your iPhone’s battery level.

It can’t, but luckily, there’s an app for that. And it might be the loveliest one yet.

Cracking down on police brutality? There’s an app for that

Mobile Justice CA app will help protect your rights. Photo: ACLU 

Whichever side of the political equation you fall, there’s no denying that complaints about police brutality are all over the news at the moment.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California thinks its got the solution, however: a new Mobile Justice CA app, designed to help individuals track and record misconduct among law enforcement officers.

Apple Store’s neutered Watch app won’t let you shop


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Amazon and Target have already embraced the wearable-future, where all the hassles of online shopping can be managed from your wrist. Today, the official Apple Store app is getting into the game too, with a new update that finally brings support for Apple Watch, even if it doesn’t have a buy button.

You won’t be able to purchase your next Apple Watch from your wrist, or check out different Sport band options, but there are still some pretty useful features for shoppers on-the-go.

Check out some of the things the neutered app can do:

This app will tell you if you’re going to die in a plane crash


Screenshot: Cult of Mac
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Sometimes it seems like there have been a lot of plane crashes lately. Between Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/a>, and Transasia Airways Flight 235, it sometimes feels like there’s never been a worse time to fly.

Of course, that’s not true at all. There’s statistically almost zero chance at all of you dying in a plane crash, no matter how often you fly. And now there’s an app, specifically dedicated to assuaging your fears of dying in an aircraft.

iTunes 12.1 gives Mac users a sexy new Notification Center widget


iTunes 12.1 gives Yosemite a new widget. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac
iTunes 12.1 gives Yosemite a new widget. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

It’s been six months since Apple unveiled iTunes 12, the latest version of its multimedia mega-app. Updates since then have been few and far between, but today Apple released the first big one: iTunes 12.1, which introduced a swank new media control widget for Notification Center.