Moog’s new iPad synth app is a knob-twiddler’s dream

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It's the 1970s all over again!
Photo: Moog

If you’re a fan of classic synth music (and, let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you may want to check out Moog’s latest iOS release, which astonishingly recreates the company’s iconic 1973 Model 15 modular synth inside an iPad app.

Considering that a genuine Model 15 will set you back $10,000, and Moog’s app is just $30, that’s a whopping $9,970 discount!

This isn’t the first time Moog has dipped its toes in the App Store water. Five years ago, when the iPad was still new, it released a polyphonic synthesizer app called Animoog, which did a decent job of replicating the synth experience on a touchscreen.

However, the company’s latest app is far more comprehensive and authentic — even down to details like the twiddly knobs and colored patch cables you can use to change up the sound.

The app was designed using Apple’s graphics optimization framework, Metal, and feels silky smooth. It’ll run on any iPad later than the iPad Air, so long as it’s updated to iOS 9.3. If you do want to try it out on the iPhone, it does technically work on that as well — although the smaller screen of, say, the iPhone 5s will make you feel a bit like you’re doing surgery in oven gloves.

Check out the video below of synth guru Suzanne Ciani playing with the app at Moog’s factory. It’s like it’s the 1970s all over again. Maybe we can buy some early stage AAPL shares while we’re back there!

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Via: Wired