Letterboxd app turns movie tracking into a social network


A great way to track your movie watching.
Photo: Letterboxd

If you’re a movie fan, you may well have visited the website Letterboxd at some point — giving you a fun way of tracking your movie-watching, built around a neat social network premise.

Today Letterboxd finally got around to launching its official mobile app, bringing the service to iPhones everywhere. Trust us, if you’re a cinema lover, this is a “must download!”

Letterboxd for iPhone lets you log films and catch up on your friends’ activity with ease. You’ll have to create an account (or use your existing one), but once you have you done this you can use virtually all the features from the website.

These include browsing popular, highly rated and most anticipated films; logging films with date, rating, review and any tags you want to add; viewing cast and crew info; and searching by review, content, or people.

In all, it’s definitely one for movie buffs to check out. Even if you don’t end up using every feature available, you’ll still find plenty to love.


Source: iTunes