Weed app gets you a legal prescription in minutes


EazeMD makes medical marijuana just a chat away.
EazeMD makes medical marijuana just a chat away.
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It’s about time, really. We already can order pizzas, send images of our rashes to medical doctors, and get groceries delivered via the magic of our iPhones. Now, with a new app called EazeMD, you can get your legal medical marijuana this way, too.

Eaze MD promises California smartphone users the ability to connect with a doctor for a prescription for medical marijuana, and then follow that up with a delivery within 20 minutes or less.

How’s that for the new app economy?

“I think it’s kind of of groundbreaking,” said developer Keith McCarty in a statement. “Number one — it’s the first tele-health and telemedicine app within both the App stores. And number two, to boot, it’s the cannabis industry.”

Eaze MD wants to serve the patients that need this service most: the terminally ill, homebound patients, and those stuck in counties or cities that are against the sale of medical marijuana (like Fresno, for some reason).

“It’s just the era we live in,” said McCarty. “You should be able to have everything come to you with a click of a button, including on mobile devices.”

Once you’ve connected with an independent, board-certified doctor who can prescribe medical pot via a videoconference in the app, Ease MD will hook you up with “medication” in as little as 15 minutes in areas it serves. You’ll also get a hard copy of your prescription for use at any Proposition 215-compliant dispensary in California. Slick, right?

If you’re in California and need your medicine, you don’t have to find a dispensary — which could be located far from you — any more. Simply pull out your smartphone and you’re ready to go. You can grab Eaze MD on iOS or Android.

Now, about that pizza.

Via: SF Gate