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Snarky Carrot Weather app’s storm of updates includes new maps


Carrot Weather can give you global view. You don't want to miss anything.
Carrot Weather can give you global view. You don't want to miss anything.
Photo: CARROT Weather

The award-winning app Carrot Weather, known for a touch of the snark in its forecasts, rolled out a series of major updates in version 5.5 Wednesday. Set to launch at 7 a.m. PT, they include rebuilt weather maps and some firsts for a general-purpose weather app, creator Brian Mueller told Cult of Mac.

“The maps have been completely rebuilt from the ground up to make them more readable and faster to load,” he said. “I also added a ton of major new features, some of which have never appeared in a general-purpose weather app like Carrot before.”

Apple TV+ ventures Where the Wild Things Are in deal with Maurice Sendak Foundation


Apple TV+ could create a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ series. Maybe.
The Maurice Sendak Foundation owned the rights to Where the Wild Things Are. And they just made a deal with Apple TV+.
Photo: The Maurice Sendak Foundation

Apple TV+ and The Maurice Sendak Foundation have teamed up to develop new shows based on the many works of Maurice Sendak, a world-renown author and illustrator of children’s books. Whether this means a series based on Where the Wild Things Are is in the works is anyone’s guess, though.

Get help dialing in your daily eating habits with this highly rated app [Deals]


Eat This Much
This meal-planning platform makes it easy to eat well by organizing and planning your shopping and cooking.
Photo: Travis Yewell

Eating is easy, but eating right can be pretty hard. There’s temptation and misinformation everywhere, so it’s important to have a trusty guide that also can keep you honest and on track. That’s just what this daily diet assistant offers.

Retro app concept transforms iPhone into an iPod Classic


Retro app concept transforms iPhone into an iPod Classic
Remember when you could only hold 1,000 songs in your pocket?
Screenshot: Elvin Hu

The iPod’s click wheel was once one of the most iconic UI elements in consumer electronics. Today, it’s gone to the great user interface retirement home in the sky. Or has it? A new app suggests maybe not.

An iOS developer has unveiled a nifty app concept which aims to transform your iPhone into an iPod Classic by incorporating a virtual click wheel. Check it out.

Apple TV Events app updated ahead of Sept. 10 keynote


Apple Events app
Apple will unveil new iPhones next week.
Photo: Apple

With Apple’s next keynote event just days away, Apple has updated its Apple Events app for Apple TV. If you own an Apple TV and want to watch Tuesday’s event from the comfort of your couch, this is the app you need.

The September 10 “By innovation only” event kicks off at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. A new wallpaper hints at the event’s theme, which many are predicting refers to the new color options for the iPhone 11.

WWDC app for iOS gets neon logo update and new stickers


Apple’s going all-in on neon for WWDC 2019.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s WWDC app for iOS just received a fresh coat of paint ahead of the annual Worldwide Developer Conference that kicks off in less than two weeks.

The update adds a new neon Apple logo to the app icon that is the same style as the wacky neon unicorn on media invites that came out today. One of the coolest things of the new update is that you can customize the Apple logo. Oh, and it comes with some sweet new stickers for iMessage.