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Suit Up Your iPhone With This Mark VII Iron Man Power Armor


Tony Stark is essentially Marvel’s answer to Steve Jobs, if Steve Jobs looked like Robert Downey Jr., was kidnapped by the Taliban, had a nuclear reactor installed as a replacement heart, and built himself a set of power armor.

In every other way, though, the two are exactly similar, which is what makes it natural that Steve Jobs’s greatest creation — the iPhone — is now capable of “suiting up” in Tony Stark’s greatest invention, the Mark VII power armor.

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Staples Will Begin Selling Apple Accessories In Stores By The End Of Q1 2013


Office supply chain Staples began selling the Apple TV and Apple accessories via its online store in late February, and by the end of this quarter, it will also be selling them in its brick and mortar stores across the United States. The company’s CEO announced the move today.

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At Last! The iSpoon, A Sauce-Stirring Stylus

At Last! The iSpoon, A Sauce-Stirring Stylus

Sometimes an inventor comes up with something so mold-breaking, so truly original and – in hindsight – obvious that the world changes just a little bit. Today we bring news of such an Earth-shaking discovery. It’s called the iSpoon, and considering that it’s made for cooking, there’s a delicious irony in the fact that it mixes together two ingredients to make the perfect blend. It’s a synergistic, spoon-shaped supper, if you will.

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Your iPhone Can’t Tell When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, But This iPhone Breathalyzer Can


In my experience, the iPhone already has a built-in alcohol detector. You can tell if you’re too drunk to drive by pulling out your iPhone and seeing if you immediately drop it, shattering it on the floor or dunking it in a seedy bar urinal. Pass the test? You’re ready to drive!

Alcohoot has another method of measuring the same thing. It’s a Breathalyzer that you pair with your iPhone. If you blow into it and you’re abov e the legal limit, it’ll call you a cab.

Alcohoot isn’t out quite yet, but when they launch, they are hoping to launch soon at a $70 price point. Cheaper than breaking your iPhone using the drunk test outlined above.

Finally, A Less Disgusting Way To Use Your iPad While Wiping Yourself [Humor]


The problem with buying any iPad used is the undeniable knowledge that the previous user has, without any shadow of a doubt, used that exact same tablet while sitting upon the toilet. Yet if you try to use that fact as a negotiating point, it quickly becomes a touchy subject.

For the person who uses his or her iPad in the john unapologetically, yet doesn’t want to feel the icy cold touch of the aluminum casing against their exposed genitalia, how about this iPad Pedestal Stand, replete with attached toilet roll? $45. You’re welcome!

Forget iPod Socks, You Want An iPod Hoodie


iPod socks are so passé. So passé, in fact, that Apple doesn’t even sell them anymore. The new hotness? These sleeveless $13.75 iPod hoodies, just like Rocky Balboa might wear during an inspiring montage filmed in the post-apocalyptic wreck of mid-70s Philadelphia. You’re welcome.

You’ll Never Lose Your Keys, iPhone Or Kid Again If You Buy The HipKey [Review]

The HipKey: never lose your keys (or iPhone) again.

The HipKey: never lose your keys (or iPhone) again.

This is what I wrote earlier this month, strung out on CES and showing it at the edges:

“With irritating regularity, my girlfriend and I dance the same dance. She, or I, go to bed with our iPhones. She, or I, lose it somewhere within the ocean of the bedfolds. She, or I, find ourselves apoplectic. She, or I, demands that the other calls the phone to locate. And then she, or I, realize that we’ve lost our phone too. And then we murder each other into a spattering of bloody chunks in our festering rage, somehow to reconstitute ourselves, temporarily find our iPhones and begin this amphisbaena dance anew.”

The guys behind HipKey, a keychain dongle that can track your iPhone (and vice versa), were paying attention, and so they sent me over a unit for review. I’m not sure it’s revolutionized my life, but it sure has simplified it: now, instead of constantly worrying about misplacing my keys or my iPhone, I only have to worry about misplacing both at the same time.

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Keep The Small Stuff In Your Bag Organized Neatly With Cocoon’s Grid-It [Review]

Cocoon grid it organizer 1

You know what I hate? Detangling the cables, chargers, headphones, and other electronic accoutrements that always weave themselves into a ball while stored in my backpack.

Cocoon, makers of the Grid-It “ultimate organizer,” want to solve that problem. The Grid-It ($20), stows your accessories against a flat surface, all held tidily in place with a series of interwoven elastic bands. That sounds a heckuvalot better than what I’m doing. So with Earpods, chargers, and lightning cables in hand, I put one to the test to see how well it works.

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Airport Navigator Is A Rolling Travel Bag For Your DSLR, Macbook Pro, And iPad [Review]

Think tank airport navigator 2

As an Apple guy with a whole lot of photography gear, I’m usually forced to slug my computing devices in one bag and DSLR and accoutrements in another while traveling. I hate doing that.

Think Tank’s new rolling camera bag, the Airport Navigator ($249), with two wheels, a telescoping handle, and space for a DSLR, lenses, and an iPad and Macbook Pro, seemed to be the perfect portable home for all my devices to live. But how well would it perform on the road? I decided to pack it full, take it to Vegas, and cart it around with me on the over-crowded floors one of the world’s biggest technology shows, CES 2013, and find out.

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The CardNinja Is Really The Only iPhone Wallet Solution Worth Considering [CES 2013]


I have an admiration for very simple solutions, and while the CardNinja — a new iPhone accessory that was on display last night at Showstoppers! — isn’t going to light anyone’s world on fire, it’s a “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of product that makes it a lot easier to treat your iPhone like a real wallet.

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