Walnut Bloc Keeps Your Apple TV Remote From Wandering Off



The Apple TV remote is  a cute little brick of sleek aluminum simplicity, but its so damn skinny and small that if you’re like me, it goes missing for weeks at a time. If you need an extra reminder to put your toys away after you’ve played with them, Bloc has a walnut stand to keep all your Apple TV gear in place.

The walnut bloc has two recessed slots to hold your Apple TV in place as well as your remote. Rubber feed on the bottom keep it from sliding around so your stuff can stay organized.

If walnut isn’t your thing, Bloc also makes the stand in hard maple and cherry bloc starting at $41.95. A smaller, cheaper option is also available for those that just to keep your Apple TV in place for $36.95.


Source: Bloc

Via: MacGasm

  • djanguswong

    They innovate so that the Apple TV gets smaller and smaller. Why do you need a block of wood for it to stand on? Also – who puts their remote with their Apple TV? Isn’t the whole point of the remote control is so you can CONTROL your Apple TV REMOTELY?