Apple prototype collector in search of rarely seen devices

A "clear shot" prototype of an Apple Powerbook 140.
Photo: Jonathan Zufi

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugSerious Apple prototype collectors usually know exactly what they are looking for as they try to build a physical timeline of each distinct device ever made. A Holy Grail artifact would be an Apple I. Fewer than 50 are said to exist.

Hap Plain wants the pieces none of us, including him, have ever seen.

He is one of a very select subculture who search the world over for Apple prototypes. Before being polished into the personal computing icons of our lives, Apple computers, iPods, iPhones and other devices start out as crude, unfinished test models so glitches and user experience hangups can be identified and worked out before hitting the market.

Affordable vaporizer makes smoking ‘herb’ easy and discreet [Reviews]

Simple to use, inexpensive, and oh-so discreet.
Simple to use, inexpensive, and oh-so discreet.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Lust List: AirVape

In the last couple of weeks of testing, I’ll admit, I have gotten a bit more baked than usual thanks to AirVape’s easy-to-use functionality.

I don’t always vape, but when I do, I’ll vape from this portable, inexpensive yet high-quality vaporizer.

Get a jaw-dropping deal on a mind-blowing camera [Deals]

This is the light-field camera you're looking for
This is the light-field camera you're looking for
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Thanks to the Illum, we may need to reconsider what the word “picture” means. Lytro’s game-changing camera takes “living images” that can be refocused and explored in 3-D, like some kind of precursor to a hologram.

As a light-field camera, the Illum does this by capturing the direction of every ray of light in an image, an advanced new imaging technology that’s being put to amazing use in creating virtual reality experiences. We’re thrilled to offer a Cult of Mac exclusive on the Lytro Illum for just $339.99 — that’s almost $1,000 off list price!

Tim Cook will face off with Chinese officials this month

Cook could be headed for a shoot-out in China. Not literally, of course.
Photo: The West/Ste Smith

Tim Cook is set for a verbal shootout in China as he meets with high-ranking officials in Beijing later this month to discuss some critical issues Apple faces in the country.

The visit comes at a time when Apple is facing various problems in China, including the loss of its exclusive iPhone trademark, and the Chinese government’s decision to ban the company from operating its iBooks and iTunes Movies stores locally.