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Pick your price for this premium bundle of coding classes [Deals]


CoM - Pay What You Want- Learn to Code 2017 Bundle
Name your price to get a comprehensive education in coding.
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As time goes on, coding becomes an ever more essential part of our world. Whether it’s apps, online platforms, video games or any of countless other growing digital industries, coding is one of the most lucrative and secure skills you can learn.

But where to start? And how much will it cost to learn coding? The answer is here, and whatever you want to pay.

With the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, you’ll get comprehensive coding lessons that clock in at over 150 hours of content, from Python to Google Go, GitHub and beyond. And right now at the Cult of Mac Store, you can name your price for the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle.

Web Development Bootcamp $79 [Deal Ending]



Here’s the thing. While WordPress is awesome (amazingly awesome), if you want to get into web development—even if you’re designing and working solely with WordPress—you need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

That’s where this deal comes in. Across 7 chapters and 235 step-by-step video tutorials you will learn what you need to become a web developer/designer. Simple as that.

Get this deal while it lasts.