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Tom Hanks’ new Hanx101 Trivia game hits Apple Arcade


Tom Hanks' new 'Hanx101 Trivia' game hits Apple Arcade
Test your brainpower in Hanx101 Trivia from Tom Hanks.
Photo: BlueLine Studios/Apple Arcade

Screen legend Tom Hanks just launched a game for a range of Apple devices. Hanx101 Trivia has questions in categories from history to math, geography to food.

It’s available now exclusively in the Apple Arcade subscription service.

In Finch, Tom Hanks rides out a totally ordinary apocalypse [Apple TV+ review]


Finch review: Tom Hanks plays the last man on earth.
Tom Hanks plays the last man on earth in Finch. But don' worry. He's got a dog (and he's building a robot).
Photo: Apple TV+

Though it looks like a fake movie they invented for a throwaway joke on 30 RockFinch — the new movie Apple TV+ movie in which Tom Hanks, a dog and a robot band together to survive the apocalypse –is very real.

The latest in a long string of post-apocalyptic flicks, it premieres Friday on Apple TV+. If by some miracle you’ve never seen a movie about the end of the world, why not start with this one? A lot of reasons, actually….

Finch trailer makes you feel good about a very Tom Hanks apocalypse


Tom Hanks sci-fi charmer ‘Finch’ premieres on Apple TV+ Nov. 5
Finch is a simple tale of a man, his dog and his robot in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. OK, maybe not so simple.
Photo: Apple TV+

Given all the apocalyptic storytelling in recent years, it makes sense in a Hollywood way that we’d eventually arrive at a warm-and-fuzzy, feel-good apocalypse movie. According to its first official trailer, that would be Finch, set to premiere on the Apple TV+ streaming service November 5.

Tom Hanks returns to Apple TV+ in sci-fi heart-warmer Finch


‘Greyhound’ launches on Apple TV+ on July 10.
Everyone loves to love Tom Hanks, and he’s starring in his second Apple TV+ movie.
Photo: Apple

Screen legend Tom Hanks will reportedly soon star in a second Apple TV+ movie. Finch will be the story of a man, a robot and a dog.

It follows Hanks’ Oscar-nominated Greyhound, which ended up on Apple’s streaming video service last summer when the pandemic closed theaters.

Apple hires hunks for Band of Brothers followup


Apple TV+ will adapt ‘Masters of the Air’ into a limited series.
A drama series based on Masters of the Air is headed for Apple TV+.
Graphic: Simon & Schuster

Apple TV+ reportedly picked Austin Butler and Callum Turner for the cast of Masters of the Air, a followup to HBO’s mega-hit Band of Brothers. Supposedly, two more lead actors have been chosen but not yet named.

The limited series will follow a group of bomber pilots during WWII.

Tom Hanks’ Greyhound sails into Apple TV+’s strongest opening weekend ever


‘Greyhound’ will be Apple’s first summer bLockbuster.
Instead of theaters, Tom Hanks’ WWII movie Greyhound debuted on Apple TV+... where it did very well.
Photo: Apple

Tom Hanks’ feature film about World War II brought in the largest opening-weekend audience Apple TV+ has netted so far. Even better for Apple, Greyhound reportedly brought plenty of fresh customers to its still-new streaming video service.

We talk 14-inch MacBook Pro and a big Apple Maps update, on The CultCast


CultCast 442: AirPods with health sensors
Can you handle some hot, hot beta action?
Image: The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: We’ve got more details on the 14-inch MacBook Pro, and Apple Maps gets a new feature that blows us away! Plus: We talk our two-week impressions of iOS 14, and a major Hollywood film is coming to Apple TV+.

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Tom Hanks dives deep into Greyhound‘s thrilling sea battles


‘Greyhound’ launches on Apple TV+ on July 10.
Tom Hanks gives us an inside look at the naval action shown in his new Apple TV+ film, Greyhound.
Photo: Apple

Tom Hanks wrote and stars in Greyhound, a feature film about World War II debuting Friday on Apple TV+. In a new video, the beloved actor talks about the real-life story it depicts: the challenges of Allied ships crossing the Atlantic infested with Nazi submarines.

Watch Hanks’ inside look at his upcoming film now:

Tom Hanks says Apple TV+ ‘saved the day’ by snapping up Greyhound


Tom Hanks saves Apple TV+ threw Greyhound a lifeline.
Tom Hanks thanks Apple TV+ for throwing his new World War II movie a lifeline.
Photo: The Today Show

Tom Hanks said Tuesday that Apple TV+ “saved the day” by releasing his new World War II movie during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the actor couldn’t say enough good things about Apple when he hit The Today Show to promo Greyhound, which debuts on Apple TV+ this Friday.

All the happy talk came a day after Hanks made headlines for calling Greyhound’s upcoming streaming debut an “absolute heartbreak.”

Greyhound is a totally Tom Hanks war movie [Apple TV+ review]


Greyhound review Apple TV+: Tom Hanks World War II movie: Tom Hanks wrote this nuts-and-bolts movie about naval warfare.
Tom Hanks wrote this nuts-and-bolts movie about naval warfare.
Photo: Apple TV+

Tom Hanks is here to rescue a cargo convoy from the Nazis — and presumably you from your free time. His new movie, Greyhound, is being released straight to Apple TV+ this Friday after COVID-19 scuttled the film’s theatrical release. This means there’s nothing between you and some old-school, flag-waving thrills.

In fact, Greyhound is the very definition of old school. There’s no fuss, no muss: just a man, his crew and some German U-boats hiding out in the gray fog of World War II, ready to pounce on American soldiers.