Tom Hanks turns his typewriter fetish into a retro iPad app



Tom Hanks has already scored two Oscars during his illustrious acting career, but now the acclaimed actor is turning his attention to developing apps, because if Kim Kardashian can, why can’t the dude who played Hollywood’s most lovable moron do it too?

Hanks announced this morning that he’s launching a free writing app for iPad called Hanx Writer, that recreates the retro experience of typing on a manual typewriter combined with the modern luxury of a delete key.

“With Hanx Writer, you’ll hear the rhythm of your work with SHOOK SHOOK or FITT-FITT,” says Hanks, who developed the app with the assistance of Hitcents.

The app is free but if you want to upgrade your typewriter to the Hanx 707 or Hanx Golden Touch, you’ll have to pay $2.99 each. Each upgrade also adds features like the ability to create multiple documents, add photos, change background themes and even select your typewriter’s ribbon color.

The Writer’s Block Bundle is another upgrade option that costs $4.99, and comes with both the 707 and Golden Touch keyboards, plus a few extras. Hanks even did a live Q&A with the App Store on Twitter this morning to promote the app where he revealed some his favorite apps are Star Walk, Boxing Timer, and Uncrate.

  • mattack1

    Aspect ratio is all wrong in that animated gif.

    • BusterH

      yeah, it’s a little stretched, but it’s the only copy of that You’ve Got Mail scene I could find on YouTube

  • lucascott

    this would be cooler if it came with a typewriter base. clicking real keys, having to do that goofy carriage tap to ‘return’

  • Major flaw:

    Type on it. Notice anything?

    All aaaaaaaaa’s look the same.
    All eeeeeeeee’s look the same.
    All zzzzzzzzzz’s look the same.

    Now type on a real typewriter or The Amazing Type-Writer app by Doormouse. That’s what I’m talking about!

    I rated it 1 star until fixed.