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New Apple TV+ documentary traces rise and fall of jailed tennis star Boris Becker


The trailer for the upcoming documentary features a frank interview with tennis legend Boris Becker.
The trailer for the upcoming documentary features a frank interview with tennis legend Boris Becker.
Photo: Apple TV+

In a brief new trailer Apple TV+ dropped Thursday for an upcoming documentary, moist-eyed tennis legend Boris Becker more or less admits to the camera that his life might be as good as over. His sentencing took place just days later. He went to prison for hiding assets to avoid paying debts.

“It’s Wednesday afternoon,” Becker said in the interview. “Friday I will know the rest of my life.”

The interview footage, which you can watch at the link below, comes from an as-yet untitled, two-part film about Becker’s life made by two Oscar-winners — director Alex Gibney and producer John Battsek.

Ralph Lauren aces U.S. Open with iOS-connected smart shirts



The world’s top tennis players are descending on New York City this week to slap the fuzz off some tennis balls in pursuit of an unprecedented $38.3 million purse, and Ralph Lauren is ready to support the cause by arming the tournament’s ball boys with its new line of iPhone-connected smart shirts.

As the first round of the tournament gets underway today, the luxury clothing line announced its first move into the space of tech wearables with an entire line of smart shirts with built-in health sensors for both athletic and professional occasions.

Fix Your Forehand With This Motion-Sensing Tennis Racquet [CES 2014]



The Babolat Play is a tennis racquet for those of us who want to improve our game without having to hire a real coach. Those folks cost a lot of money!

For $399, though, you can purchase this new app-enabled, Bluetooth-connected, motion-sensing tennis racquet for your very own. The company has stuffed a ton of sensors into the handle of this thing without even affecting the balance or weight.

You can connect the racquet to your iPhone or iPad and get real-time feedback, or just let the Babolat Play record your performance information and sync it up later for analysis.

The Babolat Play is available now in the US, and should release worldwide very soon.

This Little Zepp Sensor Will Map Your Golf, Basball or Tennis Swing On Your iPhone




What if you could duct tape your iPhone to your baseball bat, tennis racquet or 9-iron, and use the iPhone’s motion sensors to plot your swing in your favorite sport? It’d be messy, sure, and awkward, trying to adapt your grip over the slab of phone. And then there’d be the hours of scraping duct-tape residue off the screen when (if) you recovered it from where it landed after it flung itself off during that home-run swing. And after all that you’d need an app that actually made sense of all the data.

Forget all that, and keep your iPhone in your pocket. Zepp Labs has come out with a small, light (1-inch square, 6.3 grams) sensor that attaches, via specialized rubber housings, to golf gloves, baseball bats or a tennis racquets; the sensor records your swing in three dimensions, then sends the data directly to a companion app on your iPhone via Bluetooth. The resulting 3D image of your swing can be viewed from any angle, and gets analyzed by the app.

Apple’s New iPhone 5 Ad Showcases Do Not Disturb… The Day After It Stops Working [Video]


Do Not Disturb on. Even when you don't want it to be.
Do Not Disturb on. Even when you don't want it to be.

Apple has posted a brand new iPhone 5 ad to YouTube called “Dream.” Featuring tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, it humorously promotes the Do Not Disturb feature that Apple introduced with iOS 6. However, Apple could have picked a better time to publish it. The clip comes a day after iPhones switched over to 2013 and the Do Not Disturb feature stopped working properly.