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Apple Watch could someday monitor stress levels, prevent panic attacks


One of the improvements coming to future Apple Watches could be warning the wearer of upcoming panic attacks.
Photo: Matt Birchler

Your Apple Watch could eventually keep an eye on more than your physical health. A future watchOS wearable will reportedly monitor the user’s stress level. This could go all the way to warning the wearer ahead of time that they could be close to a panic attack.

Stress-busting app will engross your inner child


recolor - 1
Who knew coloring could be so restful, even for adults?
Photo: Recolor

One way I can often determine if an app is worth my time is by putting it through a specific test. If I get so sucked into an app that I forget I’m actually supposed to be gathering thoughts to write up a review, it’s because that app is generally pretty awesome. I had this somewhat rare experience with Recolor, a new coloring book app for adults on iOS.

Serenity App Hopes To Soothe Away The Worries Of The Day [Review]



New from Tap Tap Tap is Serenity, a relaxation app for iPhone or iPad.

Relaxation app? What’s one of those? It’s an app for relaxing by; in this case, a digital jukebox of all things peaceful, calm, tranquil, and imperturbable. It plays sounds and moving images to lull you to sleep, or at least to a less troubled state. It’s an anti-alarm clock. Without the clock.