Score a dozen subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and other awesome streaming services


The Complete Entertainment Bundle packs subs to a dozen services, including PlayStation Plus, at one low price.
The Complete Entertainment Bundle packs subs to a dozen services, including PlayStation Plus, at one low price.
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For many of us, everything we do happens at home now, from work to exercise entertainment, thanks to the internet. So we should equip ourselves to get the most out of our new online home life. That’s just what this massive bundle offers.

The Complete Entertainment Bundle includes 12 subscriptions to top streaming services, VPN protection, fitness classes and more — all at one affordable price!

Forget 2020: Binge on a massive library of history documentaries and podcasts


history hit
Travel back in time and explore significant world events with a growing library of history documentaries, interviews, podcasts, films, and more.
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Had a little too much of the news lately? As 2020 winds down (at last!), there’s no better time to immerse yourself in historical events.

Living, as we do, in the age of binge-watching, you can stream history straight to your favorite viewing or listening devices. And this inexpensive subscription service makes sure you’re never lacking for something new and intriguing to explore.

Microsoft Xbox gaming service coming to iPhone as a web app


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate supposedly is headed for iPhone, not just Android
iPhone could soon play console-quality titles with Xbox Game Pass, as Androids can already.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly using a workaround to get Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad. Rather than going into the App Store, this cloud-gaming service will be available as a web application.

This is the same strategy Amazon took to get its own streaming game service on Apple handsets and tablets.

Done with Netflix? Watch more than 5,000 movies of all genres on any device


Watch over 5,000 movies, including hard-to-find gems, of all different genres on a variety of devices, with no ads.

Staying home means streaming a lot more shows and movies. That means running down the list of content available on streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon. Luckily, there are other options — and they’re more affordable, too.

Spend quarantine time right with these Netflix alternatives [Deals]


Streaming Roundup
Browse the best in streaming services at the Cult of Mac Store.
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Stuck at home? So is almost everyone else, making our TVs and computer screens essential portals to the outside world and entertainment. With these top alternative streaming services, you can keep your mind occupied with all kinds of fun and informative content.

If Netflix feels a little stale these days, expand your horizons with one of these deals on something you’ve never seen before.

Access a truly massive library of streaming content [Deals]


Dive into the world's largest entertainment library, including movies, TV shows, radio stations and more from around the globe.
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We live in a golden age for streaming content. These days, plenty of us have more time to watch TV shows and movies than we used to, so even the list of offerings on Netflix or Hulu starts to feel a little short. Luckily there are far larger libraries of content to dive into.

Will people pay for Quibi’s snack-size shows? Free trial might help


Nicole Richie as Nikki FreSh
Nicole Richie is Nikki Fre$h.
Screenshot: Quibi/YouTube

A new streaming service started Monday — but put down the remote. You won’t find Quibi on your television.

Instead, Quibi – its title a mashup of the words quick and bites – brings short-form entertainment through an app downloaded to an iPhone or iPad. If you are just hearing about Quibi, here’s a quick primer on the new streaming service.

Avoid annoying geo-restrictions on streaming services [Deals]


Easily bypass any location-based restrictions on all your favorite streaming content.
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Just because you’re in another country shouldn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite shows and movies. So it’s a bummer when Hulu. HBO, or Amazon says the country you’re in doesn’t support their content. With this simple tool, you can avoid that annoyance and get back to binging anywhere in the world.

Netflix has a plan to win over new subscribers in an age of Apple TV+


Netflix has a plan to win over new subscribers in an age of Apple TV+
The world of streaming content is about to get more crowded.
Photo: Netflix

Disney+ and Apple TV+ may not have made their debut yet, but their influence is already showing up in the market place. Netflix, the established guard of streaming content, recently launched a new strategy to hook subscribers.

For one of its new shows, Netflix is offering the first episode for free — even if you’re not a Netflix subscriber.

‘Transformative’ buy could lift Apple TV subs to 100 million


apple tv
The Apple TV service expected son could bring in $7 billion to $10 billion annually.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s streaming TV service is going to be a very significant force in the market if a market-analysis firm is correct.

The service the iPhone maker is prepping could, in a few years, garner far more subscribers than some of its established competitors.