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Massive Home app makeover brings Matter support and more


The Home app has been rebuilt from the ground up, Apple said at WWDC22.
The Home app has been rebuilt from the ground up, Apple said at WWDC22.
Photo: Apple
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Among the many new products and features Apple showcased at WWDC22 came news of a revamped Home app for the HomeKit smart-home platform.

Arriving with iOS 16 later this year, the app is rebuilt from the ground up. Apple said it will be more efficient and reliable, especially for homes with many accessories. And it will support the new Matter smart-home technology standard.

Secure any space with a portable night-vision camera


Tokk Camera
This 1.5-inch Wi-Fi camera is great for security or discreet recordings, with HD resolution, a built-in mic, night vision and other great features.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There are plenty of occasions when a watchful digital eye can come in handy. Whether for security, for posterity or for fun, the ability to capture and transmit video is endlessly useful. Thankfully, it’s also simpler and more affordable than ever.

Aqara HomeKit-enabled smart wall switches more likely to work in your home


Aqara HomeKit-enabled smart switches work in older homes.
The new Aqara smart switches with HomeKit don’t require a neutral wire. That’s critical for many homes.
Photo: Aqara

There are quite a few wall switches that support Apple’s HomeKit home-automation system, but Aqara on Tuesday unveiled two that should catch the eye of anyone with an older home. Unlike virtually all competitors, these don’t require a neutral wire, something that exists primarily in newer buildings.

These switches make any ceiling fixture smart. They can be controlled via an iPhone or Siri commands from anywhere.

Make your house instantly smarter with these awesome accessories [Deals]


Smart Home Roundup
From security cameras to stronger locks and more, we've got some easy ways to make your home smarter.
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Houses are mostly brick, wood and/or concrete, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be smart. With the right bit of technology, you can enhance the efficiency, convenience and security of the place where you and your family spend most of your time.

And right now you can save big on four smart home accessories. From easy water monitoring to tougher door locks, they’ll give your home a real boost.

Here’s a smart home cam with facial recognition, night vision and more for under $45 [Deals]


blurams Dome Pro
This highly rated smart home camera can be your extra layer of protection.
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Home security cam shoppers are always looking for that middle ground between a feature-laden device and the sticker shock that usually comes with such units.

The Blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera hits that sweet spot. It packs loads of high-quality, super-cool extras into a versatile, modestly priced package that should fit most user’s security needs.

These iPhone-controlled robot vacuums are on sale today [Deals]


Robot Vacuums
Give your home a sci-fi upgrade and pick the robo-vacuum that picks your needs and budget.
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One of the few pure and good things technology has brought is the ability to release a personal R2-D2 in our homes to keep the carpets clean. Personal robots are automatically cool, and even better when they make life tidier. So we rounded up three of the best robo-vacuums on the market, from entry-level to deluxe models.

Snag one today — at a big discount — to take some of the drudgery out of your housework.

Illuminate your life with LED smart bulbs [Deals]


iHaper Smart Bulbs
Upgrade your home or office with customizable smart bulbs.
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Lightbulbs are the symbol of invention and good ideas, but it’s not until the last few years that they’ve changed in a fundamental way. The LED bulbs are energy efficient, and full of possibility for customization. So if you’re looking to make your house or office smarter, these bulbs from iHaper are a great way to go.

Satechi dual HomeKit plug makes your outlets smarter [Review]


Satechi Dual Smart Outlet review
This smart plug could be the start of your home automation makeover.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Satechi’s dual-socket smart outlet lets you easily dip your toe into home automation. There’s nothing to install — you just plug it in — but the Dual Smart Outlet still allows you to control two different appliances from your iPhone, iPad, etc. It uses Apple’s HomeKit so it’s compatible with plenty of other accessories.

Find out how you can take a first step into controlling your home with Siri voice commands in our hands-on review.

Legrand’s new HomeKit light switches require no hub


Legrand Home Smart Lighting for Apple HomeKit
Legrand’s latest dimmable light switches and wall plugs are all HomeKit compatible.
Photo: Legrand

The just-released Legrand Home Smart Lighting for Apple HomeKit collection includes 3-way and dimmable wall switches, as well as plug-in wall sockets that are also either on/off or dimmable. Any of these can be controlled via an iPhone, HomePod, etc. with no pesky hub required for in-home use.