Today in Apple history: Devs get the key to unlock iPhone’s awesome power


The iPhone SDK paved the way for iPhone apps and the App Store.
The iPhone SDK plants the seeds for the App Store's stunning success.
Photo: Apple

March 6: Today in Apple history: Devs get the key to unlock iPhone's awesome power March 6, 2008: Apple releases the iPhone software development kit, finally allowing devs to start creating native mobile apps for the new smartphone.

When the App Store eventually opens a few months later, a new industry springs up overnight. Third-party devs rush to take advantage of Apple’s lucrative distribution network.

Xbox Live is finally available on iOS and Android


Xbox live
This could be a game changer. Literally.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox Live network is officially making its way onto iOS and Android.

The company revealed today that it is launching a new SDK that will allow mobile developers to add Xbox Live functionality to their games, giving gamers the ability to score achievements on the go.

Apple pulls third-party SDKs from Shazam in latest update


Apple acquisition meant that Shazam turned a profit in 2018
Apple acquisition meant that Shazam turned a profit in 2018
Photo: Apple

Apple has pulled all but one third-party SDK from Shazam in its latest update.

The move wipes out analytics firms, ad networks, open-source projects, and more — including Google AdMob, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and DoubleClick. Only HockeyApp, a Microsoft platform for beta testing, is still available.

Apple plans to merge iOS and macOS apps by 2021


Office Mac App Store
Your favorite apps could soon be available on any Apple device.
Photo: Apple

Apple plans to make it easy for developers to merge iOS and macOS apps into one by 2021, according to a new report.

The project, dubbed “Marzipan,” hopes to encourage development and boost App Store revenue. It will start with a new software development kit that will let developers port their iPad apps to Mac later this year.

Server logs reveal Apple is testing four new iPad models


The iPad Pro is about to get even bigger.
New iPads are on the way.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Evidence that Apple is testing a new lineup of iPads has surfaced online, adding credence to a recent rumor that new iPads could be unveiled as soon as next week.

Device logs obtained by mobile marketing firm Fiksu appear to show that four different iPad models are currently being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Apple to finally step up its AI game by opening Siri up to devs


Sorry, Alexa: Siri still the most widespread AI assistant
Siri won't be restricted anymore.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We’re all stoked for our first previews of iOS 10 and macOS from WWDC, but according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, it’s going to be Siri that steals the show.

The virtual assistant is expected to make the leap to the Mac for the first time, and could also open up to third-party apps and services — allowing users to check in for flights, book Uber rides, and do more using only their voice.

Apple scores SAP partnership to transform enterprise


Apple steps up its assault on enterprise.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is teaming up with SAP to “revolutionize” mobile working for enterprise customers.

The partnership will see native apps for iPhone and iPad combined with the SAP HANA platform, plus a new iOS SDK and training academy that will help developers build new apps tailored to their business needs.

Apple bans hundreds of apps that swiped user data


Apple responded swiftly to the discovery that over 250 apps collected data with private APIs.
Photo: Jason Howie/Flickr CC

Apple banned over 250 apps from the App Store that were using software to access users’ personal information. These apps managed to get through the App Store approval process with private APIs, which are against the rules. Apple took action shortly after news broke this morning that a security firm discovered these apps.

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Hands-Free Leap Motion Controller Hits 1 Million App Downloads


It's like magic!
It's like magic!

Remember the hands-free Leap Motion Controller for Mac that everyone went on and on about how cool it was going to be? The one that got delayed until July?

Well, it’s been three weeks since it actually started shipping, and the team behind the 3-D motion controller is reporting some significant numbers, including 25,000 downloads of its software developer kit (which allows developers to include code for the device in their own apps), and 1 million downloads of apps that work with the hardware.

That’s pretty fantastic, right?

Every WWDC Banner Ever For The Last 11 Years [Gallery]



Every year thousands of Apple developers flock to San Francisco to attend Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference to be educated in all things Apple. Over the past decade the conference has undergone some big changes as Apple has introduced products like the iPhone, Mac Pro, Intel Processors, Mac OS X operating systems, and much more.

An event that used to be lightly attended has now become the most popular developers conference in the world and sold out within 2 hours this years

Here’s a look at the many banners that have decorated the halls of WWDC over the past 11 years:

iOS 6 Maps Vs. Google Maps: What’s Better For Devs?



Ask some people and Apple’s Maps is the cat’s meow, and just as reliable (if not more so) than Google. Ask others (like me) and Apple Maps seem to have been plotted out by the Buster Bluth of catographers, and they haven’t been able to get accurate directions anywhere ever since iOS 6 launched.

The Apple Maps vs. Google Maps debate isn’t likely to be settled any time soon in userland, but what do developers think? Which is better for developers: Apple Maps or Google Maps?

Philips Announces SDK And Open API For Hue Lighting System



We’ve seen Philips’ Hue lightbulbs do some pretty cool stuff, but things are about to get crazy. Philips revealed that they have some open APIs and an iOS SDK for the Hue connected lighting system.

The official SDK for Hue means that third-party apps and hardware can pick up where Hue left off and bring new features to the Hue system that Philips can’t bring on its own.

Facebook SDK 3.1 Now Available To iOS Developers


The latest Facebook SDK makes the Facebook on iOS experience even greater.
The latest Facebook SDK makes the Facebook on iOS experience even greater.

Facebook has released the latest version of its SDK — version 3.1 — to iOS developers. The update brings a number of great new features, such as native Facebook login for third-party apps, native sharing sheets, and more, and Facebook promises that it will make it “easier to build more immersive social experiences, as well as better ways to distribute and promote your app.”

Apple TV SDK Will Be Released At WWDC 2012, Allow Devs To Make TV Apps [Rumor]



Following earlier reports hinting that Apple would allow devs to start making software for the existing Apple TV as a way of paving the way for a true Apple HDTV early next year, BGR is now officially sticking their neck out, saying an Apple TV SDK is coming at WWDC, allowing devs to build Apple TV-compatible apps. This is in addition to a new control API that will allow other entertainment devices in the living room to use the same remote as the Apple Tv, and even connect through it.

BGR’s the only place claiming such a thing, so we’ll have to see, but it makes sense: if Apple wants to release a proper HDTV, they’ll need to have apps to run on it. This paves the way without tipping their hand too much.

Source: BGR

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app course

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iOS 5’s Rumored Voice Recognition Assistant May Integrate Contacts, Calendars, Email


iOS 5 siri assistant files

Since Apple’s acquisition of Siri many moons ago, there have been rumors that the technology would one day worm its way into the iOS software. Speculation, fueled by evidence in the latest iOS SDK, would lead us to believe that Siri “Assistant” feature will finally come to fruition in iOS 5. And according to one report, it will integrate with your contacts, calendars, emails and more.

Qualcomm Launches Its Augmented Reality SDK for iOS — Expect Better Augmented Reality Selection Soon


Qualcomm augmented reality

Qualcomm launched its augmented reality SDK for iOS yesterday, allowing app developers to create impressive augmented reality apps for our devices. While augmented reality is nothing new to iOS, Qualcomm’s SDK should mean more AR apps in the App Store because it makes it easier for developers to create apps for a number of different platforms.

iOS 4.3 SDK Confirms FaceTime-Capable iPad 2 Will Have Same Resolution As iPad



Although Apple rumor-mongers can rarely agree on anything, two things that most of the supposed tipsters and leaksters have managed to agree on is that the iPad 2 will be FaceTime compatible and have a higher resolution display.

Some files in the new iOS 4.3 SDK seemingly confirm the FaceTime claims, as it includes iPad-specific graphic files for the shutter screen seen in the iPhone and iPod Touch, which implies, at the very least, a new backwards facing camera. Interesting, but a no-brainer: there’s no way Apple’s going to leave FaceTime capability out of the iPad 2.

More surprising than the FaceTime implications of those icons, though, are their resolution: 1024 x 768. In other words, the current iOS 4.3 SDK implies that the FaceTime-capable iPad 2 will have the same resolution as the current iPad.

Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Gold Master To Developers



Earlier today, Apple released the Gold Master version of iOS 4.2 and the corresponding SDK to developers, bringing the current version of both to 4.2 GM (builds 8C134 and 10M2423 respectively). The update follows the release of the previous beta by about three weeks.

In addition to those updates Apple also has a beta 2 version of iTunes 10.1. However, iTunes hasn’t gone to Gold Master status and there is no indication that this will happen soon.