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Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Gold Master To Developers



Earlier today, Apple released the Gold Master version of iOS 4.2 and the corresponding SDK to developers, bringing the current version of both to 4.2 GM (builds 8C134 and 10M2423 respectively). The update follows the release of the previous beta by about three weeks.

In addition to those updates Apple also has a beta 2 version of iTunes 10.1. However, iTunes hasn’t gone to Gold Master status and there is no indication that this will happen soon.

We’ve been advised by people testing the new betas that there is support for printing in iTunes 10.1, enhancements to the App Store to support of Game Center, YouTube video uploads, and a new multitasking animation for the iPad (which you can watch below).

This long-awaited release has some significant updates for the iPad, which Apple started teasing us about in September. When iOS 4.2 is released to the public in November it will be a significant update because it will finally bring the benefits of iOS 4.0 and higher to the entire line of iOS based devices — iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Registered iOS developers can grab a copy of the new beta at

If you find out anything else new about this Gold Master release of iOS 4.2 feel free to tell us all about it in the comments.