iPhone still dominates global smartphone sales


iPhone X laying down
Yeah! Apple is number one!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s tempting to look at the smartphone wars in terms of Apple vs. Android, but that’s really not telling anywhere close to the true story. The real competition is between the companies who actually build the smartphones — and those stats show that Apple is very clearly crushing it!

In a recent report from researchers at Counterpoint, the individual handset model sales are broken down for the month of October 2017, just before the iPhone X arrived. Even before Apple’s most anticipated smartphone of the year was released, they highlight just how far ahead of its rivals Apple is.

Best wireless charging pads for iPhone X and iPhone 8


Best wireless charging pads for iPhone X and iPhone 8
You've got a new iPhone. Now it's time to get ready for wireless charging.
Photo: Belkin

Update: Apple added faster 7.5-watt wireless charging in iOS 11.2, which is currently in beta. We’ve updated this guide and placed compatible fast-charging pads at the top of the list.

Apple’s new iPhone lineup finally supports wireless charging. Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8 Plus use the Qi standard that’s been popular for years. That means you can choose from an endless list of compatible charging pads, mats and stands already on the market.

So, which one(s) should you buy? We’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone wireless chargers to make your buying decision a little bit easier.

Today in Apple history: Apple demands big damages from Samsung


The never-ending battle between Apple and Samsung took another turn in the road.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

November 13 Today in Apple history September 13, 2013: Apple and Samsung head back to court to determine how much the Korean company must pay Cupertino for copying the iPhone.

Apple asks Samsung for $379 million in damages for ripping off key iPhone technical and design features. Cupertino arrives at that number based on lost profits, royalty rates and the $3.5 billion worth of copyright-infringing devices Samsung sold during the period.

iPad Pro might get Face ID by 2018


attention awareness
Face ID will come to iPad soon.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning to make some big design changes to the iPad lineup next year, based on a new report that claims the tablet will ditch the home button.

Hot on the heels of the iPhone X, Apple plans to bring some of its $1,000 smartphone’s key features to the iPad Pro, giving the device the most drastic new look it’s seen since its debut in 2010.

iPhone X boasts best smartphone display ever


iPhone X
iPhone X could be better, according to some.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The edge-to-edge screen on the iPhone X has blown away the professional display testers at DisplayMate, leading the company to call it the most innovative display they’ve ever tested.

Even though Apple doesn’t make the actual OLED display on the iPhone X, DisplayMate’s experts point to the Precision Display Calibration created by Apple that transforms the hardware into “a superbly accurate, high performance, and gorgeous display.”

Samsung mocks iPhone’s slow catch up


Apple is always one step behind. Apparently.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone X may be racking up good reviews and big sales across the board, but whatever Apple achieves with smartphones, Samsung managed first.

Or at least that’s the narrative portrayed in a new Samsung ad which, shockingly, decides to focus less on what Samsung is doing doing right now than on taking shots at Apple.

Check it out below.

Everything we know about iPhone X’s Face ID


Face ID
iPhone X unlocks just by looking at it.
Photo: Apple

When the iPhone X arrives November 3, it will bring a new age of security with it.

Apple is ditching fingerprints for facial scanning when it comes to unlocking your device, thanks to the iPhone X’s all-new Face ID feature. Not all Apple fans are excited about this. But if Face ID works as well as Apple says it does, it could be the most innovative iPhone addition in years.

Here’s what you need to know about Face ID.

Samsung CEO resigns, citing ‘unprecedented crisis’


Galaxy Note 8
Samsung CEO quits, despite record earnings projections.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is in meltdown mode after CEO Kwon Oh-hyun, who has worked at the company for 32 years, announced his resignation today, citing an “unprecedented crisis.”

Kwon Oh-hyun will officially step down as chief executive and vice chairman in March. The news comes not long after Samsung’s vice chairman was sentenced to five years in prison for corruption, the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, but also just as Samsung is projecting record quarterly profits.