Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Microsoft is born


Bill Gates
Apple and Microsoft had a long and storied history together.
Photo: Fulvio Obregon

April 4: Today in Apple history: Microsoft founded April 4, 1975: Childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft Corporation, a software company destined to become a tech behemoth — and a major Apple frenemy.

A few years later, Microsoft will break through to the mainstream with Excel and Word, becoming a key developer of Macintosh software. Then comes the Windows operating system, looking suspiciously Apple-like. After that, Microsoft and Apple embark upon a long-running feud.

iPad Pro packs super-fast Wi-Fi 6


Wi-Fi 6 will help you binge more shows, faster.
Photo: Apple

The two new iPad Pros unveiled Wednesday are the first Apple tablets to support the super-fast Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Apple’s brilliant new iPad Pro ads don’t mention Wi-Fi 6 as one of the headline features, but it’s a huge upgrade in connectivity from the previous generation, offering faster speeds and longer range.

There are many reasons why you’ll be hearing about Wi-Fi 6 a lot more in the future.

Samsung Rising details the battle between Galaxy and iPhone [Book review]


Samsung Rising tells how Apple pushed Samsung to be No. 1.
How Apple pushed Samsung to be No. 1.
Photo: Samsung Rising

New book Samsung Rising tells the story of Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone era. It chronicles Samsung’s decades-long ascent, and the fierce competition between the South Korean tech giant’s Galaxy smartphones and the iPhone.

Smartly written and reported by veteran journalist Geoffrey Cain, Samsung Rising will certainly keep your brain active and your fingers flipping pages.

Samsung Rising charts company’s ruthless quest to ‘beat Apple’ [Q&A]


Geoffrey Cain goes deep on one of Apple's biggest rivals in his new book, Samsung Rising.
Geoffrey Cain goes deep on one of Apple's biggest rivals in his new book, Samsung Rising.
Photo: Marion Ettlinger

Apple vs. Samsung is the modern Apple vs. Microsoft — a battle between seemingly unstoppable tech titans. In his new book, Samsung Rising, author Geoffrey Cain charts the surprising story of the South Korean electronics giant. He also reveals how a burning desire to beat Apple drove Samsung’s successful strategies.

Cain, a former reporter for Time and Fast Company, based his book on more than 400 interviews. Over the years, he spoke with top Samsung and Apple executives to gain an insider’s perspective on the battle between the two companies. In this exclusive interview with Cult of Mac, he serves up surprising insight into a tech rivalry for the ages.

Samsung cleans Galaxy smartphones for free to help fight COVID-19


No water required.
Photo: Samsung

Apple’s updated gadget cleaning guidelines give you the tips you need to keep your iPhone clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you bought a Galaxy smartphone instead, Samsung will clean it for you.

The South Korean company on Thursday launched the Galaxy Sanitizing Service — a free program that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to rid your handset of germs and bacteria.

‘We had one objective: beat Apple,’ says Samsung exec in new book


Samsung Rising tells how Apple pushed Samsung to be No. 1.
New book will reveal the war between Samsung and Apple.
Photo: Samsung Rising book

Samsung had trucks of apples delivered to its offices and placed in rooms where employees took coffee breaks. They were then encouraged to take a literal bite out of Apple (or, well, an apple) as the South Korean tech giant waged war with the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The anecdote comes from a forthcoming book, titled Samsung Rising. It promises to tell the story of how Samsung took on Apple and the battles that followed. “We had one objective: beat Apple,” says an unnamed Samsung executive in the book. “I’m not kidding you.”

Fixed Wi-Fi chip flaw leaves many Apple devices vulnerable to intrusion


iPhone XR test
The iPhone XR uses a Wi-Fi chip that's affected by the vulnerability.
Photo: Apple

Security researchers discovered a critical flaw in Wi-Fi chips made by Broadcom and Cypress Semiconductor that were used in Apple devices.

The discovery was presented at the RSA security conference in San Francisco this morning, revealing that billions of devices could have been affected. Attackers could use the vulnerability to decrypt private data sent over the air. Most manufacturers have already released a patch to fix the issue, but it’s unclear how many of the devices have been updated.

The following Apple devices were affected:

Coronavirus less likely to hurt Samsung than Apple


Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t made in China
Samsung depends more on Vietnam for production than China, so the Galaxy S20 series probably won’t be in short supply.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is less exposed to the negative effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in China than many of its rivals, including Apple.

But the opposite is true of Huawei, a China-based smartphone-maker likely getting hurt more than Apple.

Samsung crams unsightly ads onto $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip phones


Z Flip
Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip.
Photo: Samsung

The new Galaxy Z Flip is one of the most expensive phones you can buy right now but it doesn’t come with an ad-free experience.

Less than a week after the phone launched, new owners discovered that Samsung put advertisements directly into the phone app. Anytime Galaxy Z Flip users go to make a call on the device they paid for they’re greeted with ads based on places nearby.

Look at this ugly interface:

Swipe these Samsung ideas, Apple! [Cult of Mac Magazine 336]


Apple should fold these Samsung features into the next iPhone.
Apple should fold these features into the next iPhone.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

With Samsung trotting out its newest smartphones — including one that folds like a clamshell, and one with an advanced camera system — it’s time to compare the South Korean company’s offerings to Apple’s gear.

Cult of Mac identified five features Apple should totally swipe from Samsung for the next iPhone. Find out about Samsung’s state of the art — and what it means for Apple — in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. The free iOS mag is stuffed with Apple news and opinion, tips and how-tos for Apple device owners, and product reviews and recommendations. Download it to read on iPad, or visit the links to this week’s top posts below.