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Programmer loves his Logitech peripherals [Setups]


The programmer likes his Logitech Mini mechanical keyboard.
The programmer likes his Logitech Mini mechanical keyboard.
Photo: No-Recognition4361@Reddit.com

Before reading past the jump, take a look at today’s featured M1 Mac mini computer setup in the photograph above and see if you can quickly identify the two items that aren’t from peripherals giant Logitech — other than the main computer, display and furniture.

Both items are on the small side, so it might take a hard look to spot them. Answers below in the post and at the bottom just above the gear list.

Apple shines bright in a struggling smartphone market


Want an iPhone 13 on the cheap? Here's your chance.
Apple dominated the smartphone market in Q1 2023.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Shipments in the global smartphone market declined by 14% YoY in Q1 2023 to 280.2 million units. Despite the slowdown, Samsung replaced Apple as the world’s largest smartphone maker during the period.

Apple, however, continued its dominance, with iPhones accounting for nearly half the revenue generated by the smartphone market in Q1 2023. The company also took the lion’s share of the market’s profit.

Celebrating the joys of owning 2 Macs [Setups]


Some people seem to an M2 Mac mini and an M1 MacBook Air in one setup is overkill. Others wouldn't have it any other way.
Some people seem to an M2 Mac mini and an M1 MacBook Air in one setup is overkill. Others wouldn't have it any other way.
Photo: Duane_dibbley@Reddit.com

Are two Macs better than one in a computer setup? People’s opinions differ. What’s overkill to one person could be a perfectly sensible use of resources to another.

Until recently, today’s featured setup ran just an M1 MacBook Air. But then the user added an M2 Mac mini. To discover all the reasons why — especially if you need an excuse to add a desktop machine to your laptop setup or vice versa — read on.

Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Microsoft is born


Bill Gates
Apple and Microsoft had a long and storied history together.
Photo: Fulvio Obregon

April 4: Today in Apple history: Microsoft founded April 4, 1975: Childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft Corporation, a software company destined to become a tech behemoth — and a major Apple frenemy.

A few years later, Microsoft will break through to the mainstream with Excel and Word, becoming a key developer of Macintosh software. Then comes the Windows operating system, looking suspiciously Apple-like. After Windows arrives, Microsoft and Apple will embark upon a long-running feud.

Don’t miss these bargains on SSDs and memory cards on World Backup Day


Rugged new Samsung T7 Shield SSD survives rain, drops and dust
The Samsung T7 Shield is one of several SSD on sale for World Backup Day.
Photo: Samsung

Several companies, including Samsung and Western Digital, have cut prices on SSDs and memory cards for World Backup Day. Save up to $80 on the rugged Samsung T7 Shield, while the SSD that’s WD’s closest rival is also on sale.

A 1TB SanDisk microSD card is surprisingly affordable. And the JetDriveLite specially made for MacBooks card readers is available at a discount, too.

Some of the deals are only available on March 31, so don’t procrastinate.

Stormtrooper head haunts Stream Deck-enabled MacBook Pro rig [Setups]


The stormtrooper hemet is custom-made and the Stream Deck uses customized shortcuts.
The stormtrooper hemet is custom-made and the Stream Deck uses customized shortcuts.
Photo: thethomasedarby@Reddit.com

Attractive or fun decor can really give a computer setup an edge. Real plants. Vintage Apple gear. Epic Lego sets. Today’s featured MacBook Pro setup sports a detailed replica stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars.

It overlooks a Darth Vader-worthy 49-inch Samsung curved gaming display and an Elgato Stream Deck, which is associated with video streaming tasks but can also do a lot for productivity in general through shortcuts.

Why iPhone is winning the global smartphone battle


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
If you bought a top-tier smartphone anywhere in the world, it's almost certainly an iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Premium smartphones are on a roll. Revenue from iPhone and other devices that cost more than $600 grew to the point that they contributed more than half of all revenue from the product category in 2022, according to a market research firm.

That’s to Apple’s advantage, as iPhone sales make up 75% of this category.

Samsung Galaxy cameras fake their moon shots


Samsung Galaxy cameras fake their moon shots
Moon pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy Ultra are supposedly too good to be true.
Image: ibreakphotos/Reddit/CultofMac

The beautiful images of the moon taken with a recent high-end Samsung Galaxy are apparently faked. A Reddit user took a picture of a low-resolution moon picture and got a high-res picture.

In other words, Galaxy Ultra cameras aren’t as powerful as people claim.

A whopping 80% of the world’s bestselling handsets are iPhones


Apple California Streaming event: iPhone 13 comes in an array of five colors.
iPhone 13 was the best-selling smartphone in the world in 2022.
Photo: Apple

iPhone captured eight spots in the list of top 10 bestselling smartphones for 2022, according to a market-research firm. In fact, Apple makes the three most popular models.

But Samsung’s flagship Android device surely lands at least one spot in the top 10, right? Nope.