Samsung credit-card size SSD holds up to 2TB [Review]


Samsung T7 review
The Samsung T7 isn’t much bigger than an Apple Card but still holds 2 terabytes of data.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Samsung T7 holds an amazing amount of data considering its svelte design. This Solid State Drive isn’t much bigger than a business card but holds up to 2TB. And it can be passed around between multiple computers — it’s compatible with Mac and iPad Pro, as well a wide variety of other devices.

I loaded up this recently-released SSD with a variety of files and put it through some real-world testing. Here’s how it stood up.

Samsung will play a crucial role in creating the iPhone 12


This iPhone 12 concept borrows from Samsung.
Samsung could profit big from the iPhone 12, too.
Image: ConceptsiPhone

Samsung will once again play a big role in making the next-gen iPhone as it has secured the majority of orders for the OLED displays for the iPhone 12, claims a report published Wednesday.

The iPhone 12 series of phones is expected to be Apple’s biggest upgrade in several years — featuring a new chassis design, OLED screens in every model, and Apple’s first 5G compatibility. And Samsung, Apple’s long-time frenemy, will seemingly get a big, lucrative piece of the pie.

Samsung T7 tiny USB-C SSD stores up to 2TB


Samsung T7 connects easily to a variety of computers.
The Samsung T7 is ultraportable and can be used with Mac or iPad Pro.
Photo: Samsung

The Samsung T7 isn’t much bigger than a business card, but the portable Solid State Drive (SSD) is available in sizes up to 2TB. And USB-C brings compatibility with a wide variety of Apple computers, as well as other devices.

Designed to be used on the go, a solid aluminum cases makes it shock resistant from drops up to 2 meters.

It took 3 years to build this awesome setup [Setups]


The ultrawide curved monitor is in a class of its own
The ultrawide curved monitor is eye-popping.
Photo: Carlos Azaustre

An ultrawide curved monitor takes any setup to the next level, and Cesar Azaustre’s MacBook-powered rig is no exception. It took a three-year span for the Spanish front-end engineer to assemble this setup — and it does not disappoint.

To control things on his massive $800 screen, he uses the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse. For Zoom meetings, he leans on a Logitech Pro Stream Camera and a Røde microphone, both top-of-the-line products.

iPhones retain lead in US smartphone satisfaction rankings


The iPhone continues to be a satisfying hit with U.S. consumers.

For the sixth straight year, iPhones rank as the smartphone with the highest customer satisfaction score among U.S. consumers, according to new data released Monday.

T-Mobile remains the undisputed network operator for the fourth straight year, according to the survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an economic analytics group.

Apple’s A-series chipmaker in talks to build a chip factory in the U.S.


Apple chipmaker racing ahead with its next next-gen nanometer process
Could TSMC eventually build A-series chips in America?
Screenshot: Apple

Could Apple’s A-series chips eventually be manufactured in the United States? That’s one possible outcome if the Trump administration gets its way.

According to a report published Sunday by the Wall Street Journal, the White House wants to “jump-start” the development of new chip factories in the U.S. to help reduce reliance on Asia for critical technology. And it’s in talks with current A-series chipmaker TSMC and others to do so.

Samsung proves packaging can be more than just pretty trash


That's a cat house ... made from a TV box.
Photo: Samsung

We know Apple makes some of the prettiest packaging you’ll ever find wrapped around electronics, but it’s really just trash when you’re done with it. Samsung has found a terrific way to make its packaging useful.

Boxes built for the company’s newest TV sets can be turned quickly and easily turned into cardboard cat houses, small furniture, and other useful things when you’re done with them.

Samsung’s plan to beat TSMC to 3-nanometer chips suffers setback


Apple chipmaker racing ahead with its next next-gen nanometer process
Apple's current chips are made with the 7-nanometer process.
Screenshot: Apple

The A-series chip in this year’s iPhone 12 is going to include one of the world’s first 5-nanometer chips, created by Apple partner TSMC.

But chipmakers are already looking beyond 5-nanometers when it comes to developing the ultra powerful chips of tomorrow. Rivals TSMC and Samsung, both of whom have previously made A-series chips for Apple, are busy exploring 3-nanometer production processes.

However, according to a report published Monday, Samsung just hit delays with their attempts at creating the next-next-gen chip process.

Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Microsoft is born


Bill Gates
Apple and Microsoft had a long and storied history together.
Photo: Fulvio Obregon

April 4: Today in Apple history: Microsoft founded April 4, 1975: Childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft Corporation, a software company destined to become a tech behemoth — and a major Apple frenemy.

A few years later, Microsoft will break through to the mainstream with Excel and Word, becoming a key developer of Macintosh software. Then comes the Windows operating system, looking suspiciously Apple-like. After that, Microsoft and Apple embark upon a long-running feud.