Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11: 5 features Apple should steal in 2020


The Galaxy S20 lineup looks impressive.
Photo: Samsung

The wait for Samsung’s impressive newest smartphone lineup is almost over. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra go on sale next month, with prices starting at $999.

You probably won’t be ditching your iPhone to get one if you’re a big fan of iOS, but you might be a little jealous of those who are. Samsung’s new devices offer a number of awesome new features iPhone users can only dream of for now.

Here are five that Apple should steal in 2020.

Galaxy S20 Ultra camera ups ante on iPhone with Space Zoom and 108-megapixel photos


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Lots of promised power in this camera bump.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung fired a powerful-sounding salvo in the battle for smartphone camera supremacy Tuesday when it introduced the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Ultra kicks off a new decade in smartphone camera technology with an impressive list of specs packed into its four-camera module. Some of the features include 8K video, a 108-megapixel sensor on its main wide-angle camera, and a 100X zoom feature called Space Zoom.

Samsung tries to take on AirPods Pro without active noise cancellation


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are going to have to compete against AirPods Pro without a really popular feature.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung today unpacked Galaxy Buds Plus, its answer to Apple’s top-selling AirPods. The Korean company’s latest truly wireless headphones offer better sound quality and longer battery life. But they lack the hallmark feature of AirPods Pro: active noise cancellation.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip phone folds up like a clamshell


Z Flip
Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip.
Photo: Samsung

The future of folding phones took a step in a new direction today with Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Taking a different approach to folding displays than the disastrous Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip packs a screen that folds from a tiny clamshell device, into a full-size 6.7-inch smartphone. And it comes with some novel uses that could change how app design is approached.

Hands-on video reveals Samsung’s next folding smartphone


Z flip
Samsung is taking another stab at folding displays with the Z Flip.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s next big keynote is just over a week away but the biggest surprise has already been spoiled.

Hands-on video of a leaked model of Samsung’s next folding-display smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, surfaced on the Twitter this weekend showcasing many of the phones features. Tons of details of the phone had already leaked online but now we can finally see the clamshell design in action.

Check out how long the display is:

iPhone 11 threatens to steal Samsung’s smartphone crown


iPhone 11 has been good for business.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone may always be No. 1 in the minds and hearts of its users. Samsung, though, always had the shipment numbers to claim its smartphones made it the world’s best-selling brand.

Then the iPhone 11 lineup showed up. Now market research shows Apple has currently surpassed Samsung or, at the very least, is tied as the smartphone brand king.

Samsung’s AirDrop clone will debut with Galaxy S20 next month


Photo: Marcus Dall Col/Unsplash

Samsung is developing its own AirDrop competitor that will make its debut alongside the Galaxy S20 next month, according to a new report.

Leaked Quick Share screenshots reveal the feature will let users “share instantly with people nearby.” This is separate from the AirDrop rival Google is reportedly planning for all Android devices.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S20 images reveal giant four-lens camera bump


No notch to see here.
Photo: XDA

Samsung is ready to one-up the iPhone 11 Pro camera system by adding four lenses to the back of its next flagship smartphone.

Leaked images surfaced online this weekend giving a full view of the upcoming Galaxy S20 (yes, you read that right, Samsung is skipping ahead a few numbers). Samsung is set to unveil the S20 during a live-streamed keynote next. We’ve seen a couple of renders of the S20 leading up to the event, but this is these are the first real images of the iPhone’s next big rival.

Take a look at this huge camera bump: