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Stunning Mac mini streaming rig took 2 years to perfect [Setups]


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It might seem unlikely that a computer setup could take 2 years to build and idealize — until you see just how loaded and beautiful it is. Today’s M2 Pro Mac mini went through many iterations in the past couple of years, its user said, and now they’re finally happy with it.

And they should be. The setup rips through gaming and streaming tasks using an awesome lineup of gear. Read more below and check out that gear list.

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Gamer and streamer took 2 years to perfect M2 Mac mini setup

Streamer, gamer and Redditor RetroGameCollector (“RGC”) showcased the stunning setup in post entitled, “Finally after two years of various setups and upgrades, I’m finally happy with my desk.”

Normally we’d poke a bit of fun at anyone suggesting a setup is done, but RGC’s rig and its roughly two dozen elements is just too nice for that. Of course, the claim in the title led immediately to snark.

“Give it two weeks,” the first comment said.

But then another commenter simply rated the setup “10/10.”

Stacked displays

RGC drives stacked monitors with his M2 Pro Mac mini sitting on Satechi’s popular hub — a 32-inch MSI QHD curved gaming monitor and a 15-inch Arzopa portable gaming monitor.

“What do you usually use the smaller display for?” a commenter asked.

“So I am a console gamer/streamer,” RGC replied. “I have three consoles connected into my Mac mini via my Elgato capture card. When I stream, I use the big screen to play and the small one to see my OBS and comments.”

“When I edit video, I use the big screen for my main timeline and use the small one to see the final project in real time,” they added. “It has slightly better color accuracy than my bigger monitor, as well.”

And check out that Rode RodeCaster Pro 2 Podcast Console to the right of the displays. Nice.

Elgato capture card and HDMI switcher

A commenter asked about the Mac mini’s specs, the capture card and how RGC connects to three consoles at once rather than having to unplug and plug back in gear like the HDMI switcher.

“So I have the M2 Pro with 16GB of RAM and it has been a breeze to stream and edit with so far,” RGC replied. “I use an HDMI switcher with automatic signal detection with 4 input and 1 output to the Elgato card. So whenever a console is on, it switches automatically to that input.”

Another commenter praised RGC’s ambient lighting.

Thanks, “it sure took many iterations,” RGC replied. They use Govee Smart LED Light Bars, a Logitech G Litra Beam light and a Logitech Litra Glow light in the scheme.

Logitech MX Master 3S wireless mouse

A commenter wondered how RGC likes his Logitech mouse. “I have been using a Magic Mouse and plan to change soon but couldn’t decide which would fit for macOS  better,” they said.

Here’s RGC’s reply:

So funny you mention this. Prior to that I’d been using the Magic Mouse for the past 8 years or so and never wanted to change it for any other mouse. Until I spent 5 minute with this one at my friend’s. I used to also have my Magic Trackpad but this replaces both. It sure needs a bit patience to get used to the gestures and it needs a wrist pad since it sits higher than the Magic Mouse. Just go to a Best Buy and try it, they have it on display at their Logitech display area.

They added they’ve had no problem with the scrolling wheel not working properly when someone brought it up. And the wheel’s their favorite thing about the mouse, actually.

Logitech G Litra Beam Light

Another person wondered about the light over the big display. It’s a Logitech G Litra Beam Light, mentioned above.

“The lightbar — is that the Logitech one?” they asked. “How do you like it for video calls/streaming?”

“Yep it is, and I also use the Glow as well (the smaller light also by Logitech) and am very satisfied with the results so far. It gets plenty bright and usually used them both at 10-15 % of their maximum brightness,” RGC replied.

And if you like the remarkable desktop wallpaper showing on the screens, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

“It is the underwater dynamic screen saver (like the one on Apple TV) from Mac OS Sonoma,” RGC said.

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