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President Obama Launches Official Re-Election App ‘Obama For America’



The 2012 Presidential Elections are fast closing in on us, with a little over three months left before Barack Obama and Mitt Romney enter the ring and, following the protocol laid out in the constitution by our forefathers, settle the question of who will become the next American president in front of a panel of judges in a Zoolander style walk-off.

Perhaps to prepare for this upcoming challenge, Prsident Obama’s re-election campaign is launching a new iOS app.

Official Mitt Romney Photo App Can’t Spell “America”


Yes folks. I'm with Mott.
Yes folks. I'm with Mott.

Matt Rimney’s campaign has released an official photo app with a text template that reads “A Better Amercia.” Ooops.

The app comes with a bunch of text overlays (the others, you’ll be pleased to hear, with correct spellings throughout) that you can add to photos of – well, anything you consider suitably Republican and Presidential. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

It’s not even a very good app. The image you line up in your viewfinder gets shifted down considerably when the overlay is applied, so don’t bother with careful composition.

Oh, and take note of the terms of use: “By using this application, you may be placed on Romney for President Inc’s contact list.”

You know what to do, people of Amercia! Show Mutt Rumnoy your support! Some folks have already started.