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Sid Meier’s Pirates Comes To The iPad!



This morning, I slapped my parakeet on my shoulder, placed a patch over one eye, clamped a pipe between my teeth, tied one of my girlfriend’s scarves around her head, appropriated one of her blouses and wore it unbuttoned down to the waist and dusted off my early 90s parachute pants.

Why? Yarrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Sid Meier’s classic pirating simulation game, appropriately known as Sid Meier’s Pirates! is now available for the iPad.

iCloud May Sync And Stream Even Pirated Music Thanks To Apple Licensing Deal



When MobileMe gets rebranded as iCloud on Monday, it’s most anticipated feature is the ability to scan your iTunes library and automatically mirroring it in the cloud without uploading a single audio file. The big question about scan and sync has been whether it will only work with tracks purchased in iTunes, or if it’ll work with tracks ripped from CDs, purchased from Amazon MP3 or — yes — even pirated. Apparently so… because Apple will pay the record industry for every pirated track.