Pictured together at last, the iWatch and iPhone 6



Martin Hajek’s incredible renders come in two equally impressive categories. The first are the realistic recreations of upcoming devices that that the artist put togethers based on leaked parts and schematics: for example, his incredible iPhone 6 render.

But Martin Hajek does another kind of concept as well: his purely conceptual imaginings of what still unrevealed Apple gadgets like the iWatch or the Apple HDTV.

This might be a first though. In his latest series of rendering, Hajek has paired both kinds of renders together: the iPhone 6, a design we know, with the iWatch, a design that is, to all of us, still a mystery. And if the real iWatch + iPhone 6 combo looks half as good in real life as Hajek’s, we’re in for an exciting year. More images after the jump.

Quickly Find And Open Photos In iOS 7’s New Year View [iOS Tips]


It works in Collections view, too.
It works in Collections view, too.

One of the much touted features of iOS 7 is the new organization feature of the Photos app. When I opened it for the first time, back in the beta, I was dismayed to see the Year view.

The photos? They’re tiny! How the heck am I supposed to find the photo I want? I’m old and need glasses. Sheesh.


It turns out to be much simpler than you’d think to scan through the photos in this view.

Polaroid Opening New Stores Dedicated To Printing Your Smartphone Snaps


The Polaroid Fotobar in Delray Beach, Florida.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a proper camera and took a photograph; every picture I take these days is on a smartphone. The problem with that is, I usually end up transferring them to my Mac, and then that’s where they stay. Forever. Making good quality prints isn’t as easy as it should be.

Polaroid is hoping to change that. The company has announced that is to open a bunch of new Fotobar stores across the United States that are dedicated to printing your smartphone snaps. You can pop in, upload your pictures, edit them, and then print them.

Cult of Mac Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30 [Updated]



Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here, and we’ll mark this midwinter festival by getting together with friends and family and continuing to drink and eat far too much.

Meanwhile, we also buy gifts for those same friends and family members, whether they want them or not. Luckily, we’re here to help, and if you follow our festive advice, your gifts just might make it into the “wanted” category.

From now until Christmas, Cult of Mac will be putting together holiday gift guys full of ideas for the special ones in your life, no matter what their interests or your budget. Today, we’re looking at gifts that cost less than $30. Yes, that means you are cheap, and — seeing as you still haven’t bought anything despite it being almost Christmas — lazy.

Show Off Your New iPad, Send Us Pics Of You With Your iPad



Did you just get a new iPad today? Is your excitement erupting like a nuclear bomb? We want to see it. Send us a picture of YOU and your iPad. Get creative. Be funny. Do something random. Whatever. We’ll be collecting pictures throughout the day to create a mega gallery of all our readers with their new iPad, so if you want to be included, send us your funny pictures of you and your iPad.

You can email your pictures to cultofmac (at), or tweet them to @CultofMac. Hell, you can even post it on Instagram and tag it with #CultofMac and we’ll find it.

Can’t wait to see your smiling faces. Now get to snappin’.

Apple’s New Grand Central Store Looks Awesome Inside — Here’s More Pictures! [Gallery]


Image courtesy of jennydeluxe on Instagram

We published a couple images of the inside of Apple’s new Grand Central store in New York yesterday, which is due to open on Friday, December 9. Plenty more images are set to surface later on today, with media entering the store for the first time at 10 AM local time.

However, someone with a camera seems to have already gained entry, because we now have even more photos of this terrific store.

Are You Standing in Line for the iPhone 4S? Send Us Your Pictures!




Lines have started forming in front of Apple Stores across the globe as fans huddle together in anticipation of Apple’s newest magical device. If you’ve already read our iPhone Launch Line Survival Guide and are getting ready to stand in line at your local Apple Store, we’d love to see your pictures so we can share them with everyone. So, if you’d be so kind, please snap a picture of your Apple Store’s launch-line and email us or send it to us via Twitter, along with your store’s location, a brief description of the Launch Party atmosphere, and maybe even a little bit about yourself and the pics. We’ll be collecting reader photos over the next 24 hours and compiling them into a glorious gallery of iPhone Launch Party awesomeness.

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The iPhone 4S’ Camera Is So Good It’s Almost Like Having A DSLR In Your Pocket [Gallery]



While there’s a lot more to a camera’s quality than megapixels, Apple’s initial batch of images taken with the iPhone 4S’ backlit 8MP camera are impressive. Really impressive.

Here’s the caveat, though: these are all images taken by professionals using absolutely perfect light conditions, likely with tripods. The pictures you take with your iPhone 4S in a pitch black club after you’ve had one too many Snake Juices are likely to vary wildly.

Check out Apple’s incredible photos after the jump.

Verizon’s iPhone 4 Sports New Antenna Design



Apple's iPhone 4

On one side, an iPhone 4. On the other, an iPhone 4. Spot the difference.

The new Verizon flavored device, left, has a new antenna layout wrapped around its exterior.

This is nothing to do with people moaning about “antennagate”. It’s a functional redesign to allow the phone to work with Verizon’s CDMA network.

It does look, from this photo at Engadget like the mute switch on the Verizon device has shifted a fraction of an inch southwards – which might mean that some cases and covers that fit an AT&T phone won’t necessarily fit a Verizon phone.

Otherwise, the devices appear to be identical in every other respect.

Amusingly, Verizon’s own web pages about the iPhone 4 are chock-full of stock photos of the AT&T version of the device – only the front page has the photo (annotated above) that clearly shows the refreshed antenna layout.