Quickly Find And Open Photos In iOS 7’s New Year View [iOS Tips]


It works in Collections view, too.
It works in Collections view, too.

One of the much touted features of iOS 7 is the new organization feature of the Photos app. When I opened it for the first time, back in the beta, I was dismayed to see the Year view.

The photos? They’re tiny! How the heck am I supposed to find the photo I want? I’m old and need glasses. Sheesh.


It turns out to be much simpler than you’d think to scan through the photos in this view.

Launch your Photos app and click on the back arrow in the upper left corner. Eventually, you’ll get to the Albums page, or the Shared page, or the Photos page. Tap on the Photos page icon in the lower left-hand corner to go to Photos view. Now, tap on the left-facing arrow again, until you’re back in the Years view. It should look like a tiny mosaic of your photos, organized by year.

Now, if you’re old like I am, you’ll not really be able to see what these photos actually depict. Instead, you’ll need to tap and hold on any one of them and then scrub your finger around to find the photo you want to open. Go ahead and try it; it’s super fun! A little preview of the photo–at a much more reasonable size–will pop up under your finger.

Once you find a photo you want to see full-screen, simply remove your finger from the iPhone screen and that photo will open up for you to stare at, edit, or just say, “d’awwwww” to.

Via: Pocket Lint