Can’t Wait Until Friday? Here’s The Inside Of The New Grand Central Apple Store [Photos]


Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 5.25.33 PM

Apple’s latest flagship store in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal is set to finally open Friday at 9 AM. While we’ve seen multiple shots of the store’s covered exterior, and even a concept of what the interior will look like, we have yet to see Apple’s finished product on the inside.

Some photos taken inside Apple’s new retail store reveal the Genius Bar and more.

Passed on by MacRumors, an interior shot of the Grand Central store reveals a beautiful Genius Bar with a woodgrain table.

One MacRumors reader has passed along a few recent photos of the interior of the store, showing that Apple is still putting the finishing touches on the store’s buildout including the typical wood tables that will allow customers to test out Apple’s products. One photo in particular shows a close-up view of the store’s Genius Bar, revealing the clear glass wall behind the bar that will provide customers will a relatively unobstructed view of the terminal’s stone walls behind.

Apple has put up a dedicated webpage for its Grand Central store. When it opens, it will be Apple’s largest retail location in the world.

  • LittleBiggyGirl

    the biggest question on my mind is if tim cook will show for the event, and if he does, what he’ll be wearing.  cook is in need of an iconic look to call his own. 
    what should cook wear to the debut of the grand central store?

  • Steffen Jobbs

    It will not be the largest Apple retail store in the world.  There are two larger retail stores based on size in square feet.  Covent Garden Apple Store is the largest and I think the Regent Street Apple store is the second largest then comes Grand Central Terminal.  This GCT store may end up having the highest foot traffic on a daily basis, though, thanks to all those commuters passing through.  We’ll see.

    Looking back, it’s really incredible what Apple has accomplished with their retail stores despite the naysayers claiming that the Apple Store concept would be a massive failure.

  • RyanTV

    Do your calculations in cubic feet.

  • Sarah

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