Oprah’s Book Club finds new home in Apple Books


Preorder Oprah's first selection today.
Photo: Apple

Oprah’s Book Club has landed in Apple Books, connecting readers worldwide to “stories that truly matter by today’s most thought-provoking authors.”

Its arrival comes weeks before Oprah’s new TV show kicks off on Apple TV+. A new episode will air every two months, and every title selected will be available from Apple Books.

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates is Winfrey’s first selection, and you can preorder it now in ebook and audiobook formats ahead of its debut tomorrow, September 24.

Prince Harry hopes his Apple TV+ series will help save lives


Duke of Sussex
The Duke of Sussex frequently speaks out about mental health.
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Apple TV+ could do a lot more than just offering up some great entertainment — it could save lives.

That’s according to none other than the U.K.’s Prince Harry, aka the Duke of Sussex. In a conversation with The Daily Telegraph, he discussed what he hopes to achieve with his upcoming Apple TV+ series, which will focus on mental health.

Buy a new Apple device and you’ll get 1 year free Apple TV+


Tim Cook does not think rivals are 'afraid' of Apple TV+
Tim Cook showing off some of the titles Apple TV+ will bring to users.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple TV+ is coming to screens on November 1, with a surprisingly low price of just $4.99.

While only a few shows will be available on launch, more will be added every month. There’s also some great Apple TV+ pricing news for anyone thinking of buying a new Apple device in the future.

Oprah hints at Apple TV+ celebrity interview show


Oprah Winfrey says Apple TV+ can have a genuine impact on humanity.
Oprah could go back in the interviewer’s chair, this time on Apple TV+.
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Oprah Winfrey is already creating original programming for the upcoming Apple TV+ service, and now she’s suggesting she might be doing even more. She says she’s interested in creating a series in which she interviews celebrities and politicians.

Prince Harry teams with Oprah for Apple TV+ show


Duke of Sussex
The Duke of Sussex has frequently spoken out about mental health.
Photo: E. J. Hersom/Wikipedia CC

Just when you think that Apple can’t get any bigger names for its TV+ service, it surprises you! Today, it was revealed that the U.K.’s Prince Harry, a.k.a the Duke of Sussex, has partnered with Oprah Winfrey for a new series.

Both parties are acting as co-creators and executive producers for a series on mental health. It will debut for Apple in 2020.

Kobe Bryant says making an iPhone isn’t too different than developing your hoops game



Facing the end of his long, dominant NBA career, Kobe Bryant is branching out into the business world with Kobe Inc., and while he’s picked the brains of people like Oprah, Hillary Swank and Arianna Huffington, it was a meeting with Jony Ive at Apple Campus earlier this summer that caught the web’s attention.

What could one of the greatest basketball players of all-time learn from the world’s most famous designer? According to an interview with Bloomberg, the Black Mamba simply wanted to know how Ive approaches design and how he manages to see the world differently than everyone that makes hardware.

An NBA superstar reaching out to the world’s tech designer for help sounds like an odd fit, but Bryant says building an iPhone isn’t too different from developing a world-class basketball game because like building products, you approach both sequentially, piece by piece, to make it unstoppable.

Here’s the full interview:

Oprah Gushes About Her Love For Microsoft Surface While Tweeting From Her iPad [Image]



Every year Oprah Winfrey makes a list of her favorite things in life and then she gives everyone in her audience free copies of everything on her list. When you got a few billion to burn you can do that. One year Oprah said she just loooooved the iPad. Like, she said the iPad was the greatest thing ever, and middle-aged women across the country wept with joy. Now, she’s saying she’s totally off that and onto the next cool tablet – The Microsoft Surface.

Yesterday, Oprah tweeted: “Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings” Thing is, Oprah tweeted about her love for the Surface from her iPad. So you know, I guess you can love an object that you never use. That’s cool. Well played Oprah.

Source: Twitter

Oprah: “The iPad Is My Favorite Thing Ever”



Ever since 2002, Oprah Winfrey has ended each year with a Christmas celebration in the form of her “Favorite Things” episode, in which she has lavished the members of her audience with the products of the year that entertainment’s most influential woman has gazed beneficently upon.

This past Monday, Oprah held her 2010 Favorite Things episode, and she gave all 275 members of her studio audience an item she declared “her number one favorite thing ever.”

What was it? A brand new iPad.