Kobe Bryant says making an iPhone isn’t too different than developing your hoops game



Facing the end of his long, dominant NBA career, Kobe Bryant is branching out into the business world with Kobe Inc., and while he’s picked the brains of people like Oprah, Hillary Swank and Arianna Huffington, it was a meeting with Jony Ive at Apple Campus earlier this summer that caught the web’s attention.

What could one of the greatest basketball players of all-time learn from the world’s most famous designer? According to an interview with Bloomberg, the Black Mamba simply wanted to know how Ive approaches design and how he manages to see the world differently than everyone that makes hardware.

An NBA superstar reaching out to the world’s tech designer for help sounds like an odd fit, but Bryant says building an iPhone isn’t too different from developing a world-class basketball game because like building products, you approach both sequentially, piece by piece, to make it unstoppable.

Here’s the full interview:

Source: Bloomberg

  • so kobe sees Dr.Dre make a “Billion” dollars with apple, so he decides to start conversations with jonny ive and the apple team… a little late wont you say.. Every athlete no matter how small, or big tend to think that just because their famous they can make a few phone calls and be the next Steve Jobs?? It takes more than just your name and “Stupid” questions as he says… it takes talent, skill and business know-how…… good luck kobe.. hey he’s a millionaire, not a bad place to start anywayssss…..

    • BusterH

      this wasn’t started because of the Beats acquisition, Kobe has been cold calling a lot of people, not just Apple, to get business advice on his new venture, Kobe Inc.

  • Porknaut


  • Kr00

    ‘Merica. Home of the infinitely stupid.

  • Frank Malloy

    He throws a ball in a hoop. And he’s a rapist. So what value does he have for Apple?