Oprah hints at Apple TV+ celebrity interview show


Oprah Winfrey says Apple TV+ can have a genuine impact on humanity.
Oprah could go back in the interviewer’s chair, this time on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple

Oprah Winfrey is already creating original programming for the upcoming Apple TV+ service, and now she’s suggesting she might be doing even more. She says she’s interested in creating a series in which she interviews celebrities and politicians.

“I don’t want to be in a daily rhythm of trying to come up with people to interview, but when there are people who are of the culture — like, last year, I would’ve wanted to sit down and have a conversation with Christine Blasey Ford. Right now, I’d probably want to sit down and talk to Butta [Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg],” Winfrey told The Hollywood Reporter.

Interviews served as a staple of the daily The Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 years. She sees the potential for an Apple TV+ interview show to become a regular series, if not a daily one.

The new Oprah book club and more

Winfrey also talked about why she picked Apple to host her new book club and the documentaries she’s making. (She already runs her own cable TV network, OWN.)

“Apple exposes you to a whole lot more people. The thing that I’m really, really excited about — as I said that day — is creating the world’s largest book club,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “And if I want to do a film or a doc series … The best place for [my docuseries on mental health] is not on OWN. Because you don’t have the bandwidth and you have to create a completely different audience and then you have to have marketing.”

Th U.K.’s Prince Harry, aka the Duke of Sussex, recently partnered with Winfrey to be co-creator and co-executive producer on her mental health series.