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MRIs reveal smartphone addiction physically changes brains


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Is Screen Time doing enough to curb iPhone addiction?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Your iPhone addiction might be creating physical changes in your brain, according to a new study. Researchers looked into smartphone addiction and how it correlates to structural and functional changes in the brain.

They conducted MRI scans on 48 people, 22 of whom had smartphone addiction (SPA). The study found that SPA alters the brain in a way similar to what doctors see in drug addicts. The findings only get worse from there.

This Is What The Apple Logo Looks Like Under An MRI Scanner [Image]



If the Apple used a real apple and an MRI scanner to make their logo it’d probably look something like this. Brazillian physician Gabriel Camargo was at work the other day, eating an apple, when a thought popped into his brain that it’d be pretty cool to create an MRI scan of the Apple logo.

So he placed his apple in the idel MRI scanner that was nearby and the result was the image you see above. Even though the placement of the bite is a tad off, we think it looks pretty sweet.

Source: WIRED