Make your own movie night with this mini-projector, now on sale for $100


This miniature projector is perfect for movie nights.
Photo: Minolta

When you think of projectors, you probably have a pretty old-school understanding of what they’re capable of. That makes perfect sense, considering you probably watched a bunch of blurry presentations on your teacher’s old, rattling behemoth of a machine.

But these days, projectors include some of the technology that makes all devices so appealing. In fact, they can be used to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. They’re a far cry from the relics you’re used to. Not only does this Minolta MN673 Mini LCD Projector look completely modern and sleek, but it also projects video and other media in crisp 1080p.

Stream your favorite content in a big way with this mini projector


You can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and presentations anywhere, and at giant size, with this mini projector.
Photo: Minolta

The problem with investing in a fancy TV is that there’s always an upgrade right around the corner. From crisper resolution to even thinner bezels, it can start to feel like a rat race to get the largest, most high-tech television possible.

Here’s a way you can satisfy all your binge-watching needs on a giant screen that adapts with you, whether you choose to have movie night outdoors with all your friends or just want to watch your favorite show solo in your living room. This Minolta MN673 Mini LCD Projector allows you to project movies, shows, music videos and more in crisp 1080p resolution wherever you want to watch them.