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Weirdest of 2015: The year’s biggest ‘whoops’ moments


Apple fanatics got up to some strange stuff in 2015.
We all made a lot of mistakes this year.
Image: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac's Best of 2015 We aren’t going to pretend we’re perfect, but that doesn’t mean we have no appreciation for the mistakes of others. They make us feel better about our own glaring flaws, and they also make for some good fodder for “weirdest of 2015” news roundups.

This year, we saw some really impressive corporate blunders as well as some head-slapping moments from Apple fans.

‘iPhone 6 ended my season’ cries NBA player Matt Bonner


Matt Bonner's elbow can't handle the iPhone 6
Matt Bonner's elbow can't handle the iPhone 6
Photo: San Antonio Spurs

This is not an Onion article, though you may have been fooled into thinking that given the preposterous headline.

NBA forward Matt Bonner has won two championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs, but after suffering his worst shooting percentage since his rookie season, the 35-year old his placing all the blame on Apple.

In a recent interview the basketball player revealed that he believes the iPhone 6’s larger screen contributed to his poor shooting performance, and gave him a season-ending injury in the form of a serious case of tennis elbow.