Soft, premium silicone keeps iPhone 12 protected for under $22 [Review]


Elago MagSafe Silicone case for iPhone 12
Almost as good as Apple's, but a darn sight cheaper!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple will charge you a heck of a lot for a piece of silicone you can slap on the back of your iPhone. And you can get silicone cases almost just as good for a fraction of the price. Elago’s premium MagSafe Silicone case for iPhone 12 is just $21.99 — and it’s absolutely terrific.

Its hybrid design makes for a robust but slim skin that superbly fits your iPhone, and protects it from scratches and scrapes. It’s available in a number of pretty color options, and it’s well worth your cash.

Samsung Galaxy S21 plummets to half its original value in 3 months


The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is not a good investment.
The recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 series drops in value as much as $281 a month.
Photo: Samsung

Those planning to resell their handset someday might want to steer clear of Samsung latest flagship models. The Galaxy S21 series reportedly lost between 44.8% and 57.1% of its original value since in debut in January 2021.

Of course, every smartphone depreciates over time. But iPhones hold their value better than their rivals.

Xvida’s magical magnetic accessory system comes to iPhone 12


Xvida magnetic case for iPhone 12
Bag yours today from just $23.
Photo: Xvida

Apple isn’t the only company combining iPhone with magnets to do magical things. Xvida was offering snap-on charging pads and other accessories long before MagSafe came along. And now its entire ecosystem is compatible with the iPhone 12 lineup.

Bag your Xvida magnetic case from the Cult of Mac Store today.

Apple manufacturer earnings soar on massive iPhone 12 demand


Totallee's thin, light but protective clear case for iPhone 12 is like having no case at all.
Foxconn's earnings are through the roof thanks to iPhone 12.
Photo: Totallee

Apple manufacturer Foxconn’s first quarter revenue soared by 44%, Bloomberg reports. The publication pins the increased cashflow on “robust demand” for the iPhone 12.

Revenue for the first three months of 2021 increased to $47 billion, Foxconn reported Tuesday. In addition to the massive success of the latest iPhones, the high earnings also reflect demand for devices like video games consoles, servers, electric vehicles as well.

‘Fumble’ ad shows off the durability of iPhone’s Ceramic Shield


We've all been in this situation.
Photo: Apple

Apple ads consistently find fun, accessible ways of showcasing features without having to resort to technobabble. Case in point: Its new ad showing off the Ceramic Shield for the iPhone 12.

Apple could easily fill a 30-second ad talking about how this specially engineered glass is heat-treated so as to develop nano crystals similar to the ones found in ceramics, which are embedded into the glass matrix of the display. It could talk about the difference between hardness and toughness, and give percentage improvements over last year’s model.

But it doesn’t. Because most people only want to know whether this means they can drop their iPhone without it breaking. That’s where the “Fumble” ad comes in.

Save $15 on Zagg’s antimicrobial screen protector for iPhone 12 mini


Zagg VisionGuard iPhone 12 mini
Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria!
Photo: Zagg

Want to ensure your iPhone 12 mini isn’t harboring nasty germs? Pick up the InvisibleShield VisionGuard+ antimicrobial screen protector from Zagg at $15 off its usual price for a limited time only.

The VisionGuard+ promises to be four times stronger than traditional glass protectors, and it features revolutionary ClearPrint technology that makes fingerprints near-invisible. It also kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Bag yours before the price returns to normal.

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iPhone 12 series could be Apple’s bestselling iPhones of all time


A fix is coming for the iPhone 12 green screen glitch.
The iPhone 12 has been a massive hit for Apple.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 12 is on course to give Apple its best-ever year for iPhone sales, according to Wedbush analysts Strecker Backe and Daniel Ives. In a new note to clients seen by Cult of Mac, they predict Apple could sell between 240 million and 250 million iPhones this year.

That would “easily eclipse” Apple’s previous record, set in fiscal 2015, in which it sold 231 million iPhones. That year’s super-sized lineup — the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus — remain the top-selling models in history. However, it looks like that record could soon fall.

Enjoy a rare discount on the official MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12


And save $5 on a MagSafe Charger.
Photo: Apple

Pick up Apple’s official MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12 on Amazon today to enjoy a rare discount on its usual price. The California Poppy option can be yours for $54.99 — down from $59.

Amazon is also still offering $5 off the official MagSafe Charger.

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