New Ampere Jetpack powers up your iPhone 12 or 13 fast on the go


The Ampere Jetpack fits any iPhone 12 or 13 series handset.
The Ampere Jetpack fits any iPhone 12 or 13 series handset.
Photo: Ampere

As many folks know by now, the new iPhone 13 series has a re-shaped and enlarged camera bump. That means some  magnetic battery packs may not fit properly. Accessories maker Ampere is rolling out its new Jetpack power bank to address that — it’s “optimized for iPhone 13” — while juicing your iPhone 12 or 13 with a full 15W of power. That’s great, as Apple limits many third-party chargers to 7.5W.

So the Ampere Jetpack promises to be about twice as fast as some chargers. And, even better, its price tag is only about half that of Apple’s offcial MagSafe Battery Pack.

Ampere Jetpack: small but potent

The power bank has a whopping 5,000mAh battery capacity. Ampere said that’s like carrying around 80% extra battery capacity for your iPhone.

The company designed the Jetpack to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the new camera bump on the iPhone 13. At the same time, it’s sized on the small side, so it doesn’t overhang the edges of a smaller iPhone, like the iPhone 12 or 13 mini.

The compact Jetpack weighs 110 grams, or about 3.9 ounces.

15W of charging power

The new power bank features a 15W MagSafe-enabled charging coil as well as USB-C output for charging a traditional device.

To charge the power bank itself, you can use its Lightning port and the cable you probably already use for your iPhone.

Pricing and availability

The only problem so far with the Ampere Jetpack is you can’t get it yet. You can enter your email to “join the waitlist” on the Ampere website, or simply pre-order one. Shipping commences in November 2021. The price will be $49, Ampere said.