Handy gadget gives you a grip on your iPad


iPad accessories
The iPad is not so easy to use when you are moving on your feet. The TabStrap can change that.
Photo: Pack & Smooch

At first glance, the TabStrap looks like a bandage on the hand of a wounded iPad user. It’s not, yet the person who uses an iPad as their main source of personal computing might find it just as much of a lifesaver.

The thick, adjustable wool strap connects to a base that suctions to the back of an iPad. The hand goes through the strap, giving the user a secure grip on the iPad as they swipe, write, draw or tap apps while standing or walking.

Cult of Mac Magazine: 10 things we love about iPhone X, and more!


Cult of Mac breaks down all the things we love (and hate) about the new iPhone X.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac publisher, Leander Kahney, can’t think of anything to hate about the iPhone X. On the contrary, there are lots of things to love. Kahney breaks down the 10 things he just loves about the iPhone X.

In this week’s issue, you’ll find that story and more. The first iMac Pro reviews are in — see if the new Pro is worth the $5,000 price tag. Check out our Gift Giving Guides and get your holiday shopping out of the way now! Get your free subscription to Cult of Mac Magazine from iTunes. Or read on for this week’s top stories.

Best Lightning cables to replace the one you already broke


Apple's Lightning cable works great, right up until it doesn't. These are the best Lightning cables to replace it.
Apple's Lightning cable works great, right up until it doesn't.
Photo: Richard Unten/Flickr CC

Lightning cables are the most boring part of your iPhone or iPad kit, but one of the most essential. After all, without one your iPhone won’t last much longer than a day. Apple’s cables prove adequate, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one as a replacement or a spare. You can find several better (and cheaper) options for charging your iDevices. Here are our picks for the best Lightning cables.

This backpack makes lugging life light work [Review]


Shift Pack
The Shift Pack by Alpaka.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

My closet floor resembles a bullpen. But instead of pitchers, it houses a rotation of backpacks and bags ready to be activated for work, day-long excursions or extended travel. Depending on the week, I could shift between four or five bags.

But when Shift Pack recently arrived for a tryout, it threatened to retire a couple of my veterans. It is a single backpack that aims to cover all the bases, work, play and travel or all at once if necessary.

Charge better with 3 extra-long Lightning cables [Deals]


CoM - 10' Lightning-to-USB Cable- 3-Pack
With this three-pack of extra-long Lightning cables, you're covered for inevitable fray and breakage, all for around the price of a single standard cable.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For all their solid design, our iOS devices depend on a short, fragile cable to stay charged and synced. Every Lightning cable seems to inevitably fray and break to the point where it stops working or becomes a safety hazard.

This makes having a backup a must. With this three-pack of extra-lengthy, MFI-certified Lightning cables, you get extra utility and extra lives, all for about the cost of a single standard cable from Apple. Grab three for just $20 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Keep your gadgets charged, connected, and protected [Week’s Best Deals]


From double-duty thumb drives to universal power, dig the week's best deals at the Cult of Mac Store
Photos: Cult of Mac Deals

2017 is humming right along. OK, maybe more like crashing along. Nevertheless, we’re offering the best deals this side of the digital divide. This week, our top gear and gadgets include a 64GB thumb drive that doubles as a connector cable, a powerful app for unlocking PDFs, a portable battery pack that can charge almost any device, and a VPN subscription that’ll protect your online life.

Save an extra 10 percent on innovative gear and gadgets [Deals]


This heads up display for your car is as useful as it is futuristic.
This heads up display for your car is as useful as it is futuristic.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In the wake of CES, we’ve all got the next generation of tech on the brain. But we’re impatient, so we’ve gathered some of the best deals on the most futuristic gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store.

Below you’ll find a head-up display for your car, a charging cable that adds a MagSafe-style connection to your phone, a flash drive for both computers and iPhones, and the most feature-packed charging hub you’ll find. By entering the coupon code CES10 at checkout, you’ll get 10 percent off each deal.

Week’s best Apple deals: Accessorize your gadgets on the cheap


iphone and ipad accessories
You've got the Apple gear. Now it's time to accessorize.
Images: CASEFORMERS, iNK Stories, Logitech

Whether you received the gifts you wanted over the holidays, or had to return something and treat yourself, you’ve probably gotten the Apple gadgets you want by now. Take this time to accessorize the ones you’ve got.

We found cases, keyboards and more for this week’s roundup best Apple deals.

Adjustable stand makes your iPad Pro even more pro


ElevationLab created DraftTable because a steady drawing hands needs a steady stand for the iPad Pro.
ElevationLab created DraftTable because a steady drawing hands needs a steady stand for the iPad Pro.
Photo: ElevationLab

Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t create innovative home designs by drawing from his couch. He sat at a drafting table, its surface supporting his paper at the angle of his choosing.

So what would he do with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil? He might try the new DraftTable by Portland, Oregon-based Elevation Lab.

Week’s best Apple deals: Get iPad Pro at Black Friday prices, Goat Simulator for free!


iPad Pros at Black Friday prices? Goat outta here!
iPad Pros at Black Friday prices? Goat outta here!
Photos: Apple, Acoustic Research, Coffee Stain Studios

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re still shopping for gifts, you only have a few days left before express-shipping fees kick in and brick-and-mortar stores get stingy with discounts to take advantage of your need.

Before that happens, check out some of the best iPad, iPhone and game prices we’ve seen all year, in this week’s roundup of the best Apple deals.