Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C review: Budget-friendly

Budget-friendly 15.6-inch external screen makes you more productive wherever you go [Review]


Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C review★★★
The Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C (shown here with a simulated screen) offers more room to work at a very attractive price.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C is a 15.6-inch, 1080P monitor ready to be connected to a Mac, iPad or gaming device over USB-C or HDMI. Given its relatively low price, the screen is one of the better options available for those on a tight budget.

It’s currently available at a price below $100, which is significantly lower than the cost of rival products.

I tested the portable display in my home office and on a recent vacation. Here’s what I found.

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Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C review

Studies show that additional screen space makes us more productive. But notebooks with large, built-in displays are bulky. A portable external display is a nice compromise. You can carry around a small MacBook or even an iPad for regular use and only add the second screen when you really need more room to work.

The 15.6-inch LCD in the Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C approximately doubles your usable screen real estate. And it’s ready to go to a classroom, coffee shop or beach house… whatever you need.

Very portable screen

Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C slides into any case or bag designed for a 16-inch notebook.
Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C slides into any case or bag designed for a 16-inch notebook.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

A portable display isn’t much good if it’s hard to carry around and set up. Arzopa’s is a breeze. The whole thing, including the protective flipcover/stand is 14.5 inches wide, 9.1 inches high and a mere 0.5 inches thick. The weight is 2.8 pounds with the cover. The product goes easily into a backpack designed for full-size laptops — that’s how I carry it around.

The LCD is protected from scratches by a rigid cover. The exterior of this is a dark-grey houndstooth pattern with silver accents that looks very smart.

Flip the cover around to the back and it becomes a flexible kickstand thanks to a hinge in the middle. The stand can hold the display up so it’s almost vertical or farther back until it’s about 45 degrees, or anywhere in between. The hinge supports the screen securely.

Image quality is a bit below average

I plugged the Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C into my computer and was underwhelmed by the look. I tinkered extensively with the settings and was able to get the picture quality up to where it’s acceptable but still not great looking.

I was preparing to write a scathing review when I took a look at the price. This external screen is by far the most affordable of any I’ve reviewed. At least 30% less. No one should expect budget products to be as good as more expensive ones.

Don’t think this means the screen is bad. It’s… fine. But the colors are a bit muddy — whites are just a bit beige and blacks aren’t completely dark, either.

The actual specs are typical for a portable display. The LCD is 1920 by 1080 pixels, so the aspect ratio is 16:9. It has a 60Hz refresh rate.

Most of my tests were done while using Arzopa’s A1C display for work, which means web access, email, and writing. But I made a point of watching video and playing some games, too.

I find the overall appearance completely acceptable for a portable display that’ll be used occasionally. If you’re looking for something to take on vacation or business trips, it’s a good option. Or even if you’ll only use it once a week or so. If you need a portable screen for every day, you might look at more expensive options.

Plenty of connectivity options

Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C offers all the ports you’ll need
Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C offers all the ports you’ll need.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Connecting the Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C to a MacBook or iPad is easy. Connect a good-quality USB-C cable between the two and you’re done. The cable you need is in the box. Your computer powers the accessory.

There’s a second USB-C port that you can connect to a power source, if you wish. This charges your computer and the screen.

Plug devices like gaming consoles into the portable monitor’s mini-HDMI port using the cable that comes with the screen.

When using HDMI, you must plug the external display into a power source using one of the USB-C ports and the cable that comes bundled with their A1C.

I like the flexibility. On my recent beach vacation, the screen was, at one time or another, connected to my iPad Pro, a friend’s Microsoft Surface and a kid’s Nintendo Switch.

Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C final thoughts

Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C looks gorgeous when it’s off.
Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C looks gorgeous when it’s off.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

My ideal for an external screen is to be able to look back and forth between it and a MacBook or iPad without the difference in quality being immediately noticeable. The Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C can’t meet that goal.

What it can do is fit into a limited budget. And it undoubtedly looks good enough to be useful. Plus, the secondary features, especially the flip cover, are excellent.


If the cost was higher, I’d be more critical of the LCD quality. As it is, the screen is good for light duty.


The list price for the Arzopa Portable Monitor A1C is $169.99, but don’t pay any attention to that. It’s currently available on Amazon for $125.99. And a $30-off coupon reduces the price to $95.99.

Buy it from: Arzopa

Buy it from: Amazon

For comparison, take a look at the KYY 15.6-inch 1080P USB-C Portable Monitor, which I also reviewed.
This screen has essentially the same features as the A1C, but with an LCD that looks noticeably better. It also sells from Amazon for $169.99, or 35% more.

Arzopa provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


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