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Everything we think we know about iOS 14 [Updated]


Even old iPhones will get iOS 14's new features.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Thanks to unprecedented early leaks, some of the biggest new features planned for iOS 14 have already been spoiled. Apple is supposedly making some huge changes to the Home screen, iMessages, HomeKit, Apple Pencil and much more in its next-gen mobile operating system.

The recent wave of leaks proved so overwhelming that we rounded them all up in one place. We will keep updating the list as we inch closer to this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple traditionally previews all of its upcoming platform updates.

iOS 14 could bring CarPlay wallpapers, more Maps improvements


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
Prepare for CarPlay customization.
Photo: Sony

Apple’s big iOS 14 update could bring CarPlay wallpapers for the first time — as well as more Maps improvements, a new report claimed Thursday.

These are the latest snippets in a series of leaks from unreleased iOS 14 code. They come less a week before Apple is scheduled to roll out iPadOS 13.4, another rather significant update that brings true trackpad support to iPad.

What iOS 14 leaks tell us about possible new features [Cult of Mac Magazine 340]


iOS leaks: We got 'em!
iOS leaks: We got 'em!
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

iOS 14 leaks came fast and furious this week. We rounded ’em all up in one place to give you a look at possible new features coming to iPhones and iPads this year. Yep, basically it’s everything we think we know about iOS 14.

Plus, we’ve got the lowdown on WWDC 2020 going online-only due to COVID-19 (and a related post on how to work remotely without going nuts, among other timely how-tos). And we wrap up with a review of the second episode of Amazing Stories, streaming now on Apple TV+.

You’ll find it all in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Download it now and read it on your iPad or iPhone. Or get the links below.

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Apple’s HomeKit may add Night Shift to smart lights


Ikea Tradfri bulbs
Multicolor bulbs controlled by HomeKit may soon get Night Mode.
Photo: Ikea

Apple’s HomeKit home-automation system will reportedly get a version of Night Shift to reduce the amount of blue in smart light bulbs as each day nears its end. This feature, allegedly coming with iOS 14 in the fall, is supposed to help people sleep better.

In addition, Apple might be adding facial recognition to security cameras controlled with HomeKit.

Apple works on new fitness app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV


Max-out your aerobic fitness with Apple Watch by checking the VO2 max metric.
Apple Watch may soon serve up workouts on your wrist.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Peloton and other workout apps could soon get some fresh competition from Apple in the form of a new fitness app that runs on Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV.

MacRumors revealed this week that Apple is working on a special project code-named “Seymour” that will serve up a series of workouts and other fitness-related videos that users can download and complete to improve their health.

Handwriting recognition might finally come to iPad


Sketching with an Apple Pencil is the merest tip of the iceberg of Apple’s suggestions for making your iPad Pro more useful.
iPad handwriting recognition is reportedly coming soon, allowing users to write words into any text box with an Apple Pencil.
Screenshot: Apple

iPad users will be able to use an Apple Pencil to write words into any text box, if an unconfirmed report is correct. Handwriting recognition will allegedly be built into iPadOS 14.

This would bring real changes to the way many interact with their tablet.

iOS 14 might include built-in augmented reality viewing app


Adobe Aero on an iPad Pro
Every iOS 14 iPad and iPhone could come with an augmented reality viewer.
Photo: Adobe

An augmented reality application could reportedly become one of the default apps in iOS14. This would allow any iPhone user to view their location with AR at any time.

This is apparently part of Apple’s embrace of augmented reality this year, with the company reportedly building 3D scanners into the next-generation iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14 could bring brand-new Home screen layout with list view


iPhone X home screen
iOS 14's Home screen could be very different.
Photo: Apple

iOS 14 will ship with a brand-new Home screen layout that allows users to arrange icons in a list, according to a new report. The view is expected to be customizable and will incorporate Siri Suggestions for making your most frequently used apps easier to access.

It could be the biggest change to the Home screen since the first version of iOS debuted with the original iPhone in 2007.

iPad and iPhone could get huge mouse support improvements in iOS 14


An iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Mouse, or a MacBook by another name?
Exciting news for full-time iPad users.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning huge improvements to mouse support on iPhone and iPad for its iOS 14 update, a new report claims.

It is believed users will see more traditional cursor options — like those you’re used to seeing on desktops. Apple is also expected to add new gestures that will work alongside a new Smart Keyboard with built-in trackpad.

Apple’s unreleased over-the-ear headphones spotted in iOS 14 code


Apple's making its own headphones to rival Beats.
Photo: 9to5Mac

The clearest look yet at Apple’s upcoming over-the-ear headphones was unearthed from an early build of iOS 14 this week.

Icons for Apple’s unreleased over-the-ear headphones were spotted by 9to5Mac, revealing a few features about the headphones’ design as well as a possible timeframe on when they might launch to the public.

Apple job listing hints at travel recommendations for Apple Maps


Apple Maps could help you find great places to visit in the future.
Photo: Apple

Apple appears to be on the hunt for new recruits who can help it bring travel recommendations to Apple Maps.

The company is seeking editors for the Maps team in Culver City, California, who will help build a “brand-new content category.” It wants people who have an “insatiable curiosity for discovering new places.”

More details emerge on Apple’s ARM Mac and AirTags — catch the discussion on The CultCast!


CultCast 429
Apple's AirTags may be far more powerful than we thought...

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s first ARM-based Mac is headed our way — we’ll tell you what we know. Plus, Apple’s new AirTags tracking tiles will be unlike anything we’ve seen, and way more powerful than we thought. We discuss! And stay tuned — we’ll tell you the weird rule Apple makes big movies follow if they want to put iPhones or Macs on the silver screen.

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Is this the bold new look for iOS 14? [Cult of Mac Magazine 337]


Neumorphism might fix some current iOS problems.
Neumorphism might fix some current iOS problems.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Before iOS 7, skeumorphism’s cartoon realism ruled. Then things swung too far in the opposite direction, with flat white pages, skinny text and occasionally confusing visual cues. An emerging design trend called neumorphism could bridge the gap in iOS 14, according to Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel. With subtle shading and helpful hints, neumorphism could influence the evolution of Apple’s mobile UI.

Read all about this hot emerging design trend in this week’s free issue of our iOS magazine. It also includes the week’s top Apple news stories, along with a passel of how-tos and product reviews.

Is neumorphism the big new look for iOS 14?


Flat UI elements, bolstered with real-world visual cues, make neumorphism easy to
Flat UI elements, bolstered with real-world visual cues, make neumorphism easy to "read."
Photo: MazePizel/Dribbble

Take one look at any screenshot from a pre-iOS 7 iPhone, and you’ll wonder how we ever used such a hideous interface for so many years. The skeumorphic design language included so much fake wood, glossy plastic and gray gradient that there’s almost nowhere to put the actual contents of the app.

iOS 7 went way too far in the opposite direction, with flat white pages and skinny text. Is that a button? Is it just a label? Can I press it? Who knows? We’re still suffering from this UI ambiguity today, in iOS 13. Text got thicker, but it’s still hard to know what to press, and what is just there to be read.

Clearly, there’s a space between these two extremes. Something as clean as iOS 7 and, at the same time, as obvious and usable as iOS 6 and previous versions. But what would that look like? I know what I want it to look like. It’s called “neumorphism,” and it looks fantastic.

Good news about iOS 14 compatibility leaks out


iOS 14 will reportedly run on many older iPhone models
Older models like the iPhone 6S Plus will reportedly get an iOS 14 upgrade.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

iOS 14 almost certainly won’t be unveiled before June, but information leaking out of Apple indicates this next version will offer very wide compatibility for current devices.

News about iPadOS 14 compatibility isn’t quite as good.

Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software


Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software
Apple has learned some lessons from iOS 13.
Photo: Apple

The challenges Apple has experienced with buggy iOS 13 is causing it to rethink the way it builds and tests operating systems, starting with iOS 14.

According to Bloomberg, software boss Craig Federighi recently announced the changes at a “kickoff” meeting. The new approach will make it easier for testers to be able to switch on and off new features. This is so they can better work out how the features independently impact software functionality.

It’s not too early to dream of these iOS 14 features


Split View on iPhone in iOS 14
An artist proposal for iOS 14 is a wishlist of great ideas, like bringing Split View to iPhone.
Screenshot: the Hacker 34

iOS 13 is still almost brand new, but some people are already looking ahead to the next version. An iOS 14 concept video is packed with suggestions likely to catch the eye of iPhone users, including support for multiple accounts, user-defined default applications, and far more.

Watch the concept video now:

iOS 14 concept brings Split View to iPhone


iOS 124 with Sprit View concept
A concept video shows an iPhone with iPadOS’ Dock and Split View.
Photo: TechBlood

A new proposal imagines iPhones running next year’s iOS 14 able to display two applications side-by-side. Split View would enable users to, for example, look at a webpage while writing an email, and drag-and-drop items between them.

Watch a concept video of iPhone multitasking in action now: