iOS 14 leaks come from early build obtained by hackers


iOS 14 on an iPhone 11
Hackers reportedly got an iPhone 11 running iOS 14 months ago.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Details on iOS 14 started leaking out in February, with sources claiming to have a leaked copy of the next iPhone operating system. An investigation by Vice apparently confirms that researchers and hackers really got access to an iOS version more than half a year before its release.

Take a peek at Gobi, the shopping-oriented AR app coming in iOS 14


LEGO AR Studio
Augmented reality is already being used to sell products, and Apple is supposedly embracing that with Gobi in iOS 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

More details of the augmented-reality application supposedly coming in iOS 14 leaked out Monday. This goes under the code-name Gobi, and what’s come to light shows an emphasis on businesses and products, rather than games.

In addition, this leak reveals additional details on how the next iOS version will use AR to help users find lost items.

iOS 15 concept goes minimalist with the Home screen


iOS concept thinks simple, not more complex.
An iOS 15 concept design simplifies the Home screen... and looks familiar.
Concept: Roland Mészáros

When concept designers imagine the future of iOS, they often pack in new features. A new design goes the opposite route, simplifying the look of the iPhone to “keep you focused,” in the words of the artist.

Still, it finds space for some Home screen widgets, which are supposed to debut in iOS 14.

Apple is one step closer to turning iPhone into a car key


A Tesla Watch app concept.
With Apple embracing digital keys, this Tesla Watch app concept shows what might soon be a standard feature.
Photo: Eleks Labs

Apple is a charter member of the Car Connectivity Consortium, which on Monday unveiled a new version of its system to enable phones to act as digital keys.

This meshes with an unconfirmed report from February that Apple plans to add this feature to iOS 14.

Apple wants to let you edit sent text messages


Autocorrect errors vs. editing sent texts
Autocorrect fails would be a thing of the past if we could correct text messages.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple designed a workable system to let people edit text messages after they send them. But now we have to hope it’ll be implemented.

This is potentially great news for everyone who ever wished they could fix an embarrassing text.

Brilliant iOS 14 concept packs tons of cutting-edge features


New iOS 14 concept video includes home screen widgets
Home screen widgets are rumored for iOS 14. A concept video shows what they might look like.
Photo: The Hacker 34

An iOS 14 concept video shows how an iPhone might look if it gains home screen widgets, as has been rumored.

Plus, it envisions several features currently available for iPad jumping to iPhone, like Split Screen multitasking, a floating Dock, and more.

Watch it now:


App Store
You might soon be able to use applications without downloading them with iOS 14 Clips.
Photo: Graham Bower

Fresh iOS 14 concept brings big changes to Calendar, iMessage, Music app and more


iOS 14
Another iOS 14 concept to get you hyped for the real thing.
Photo: Jack Phillip

Some of the most anticipated iOS 14 features that allegedly leaked though an early beta build of the upcoming software are on full display in a fresh iOS 14 concept that’s full of stuff like widgets on the home screen, list view for apps, new call alert screen and more.

The new iOS 14 concept created by Jack Phillip imagines how Apple’s planned mentions feature for iMessage would work, while also tossing in some new ideas, like a list view in Calendar, a Habits app, an overhaul of the Music app’s UI and so much more.

These are our favorite features:

COVID-19 might mean no new emoji in 2021


2020 emoji
No new emoji might appear in 2021, so these 2020 additions might be the last for a while.
Photo: Emojipedia

The group that’ll determine which emojis would have been added next year said Wednesday that it’s delaying its decision by six months, until September 2021. This raises the possibility that there’ll be no new emoji characters in next year’s iPhone operating system update.

The new 2020 emoji list has already been unveiled by the Unicode Consortium.