First HomeKit sprinkler ensures the grass is always green


This smart irrigation controller lets you supervise all your smart sprinkling needs.
Photo: Rachio

Looking for a smarter, high tech way to water your lawn? The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller has your back — by becoming the first smart sprinkler controller to add HomeKit support.

The personal watering assistant will help you monitor and manage your sprinkler system using by using the Apple Home app or asking Siri. This means that can stay on town of your garden maintenance via your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or HomePod — even when you’re not home at the time.

Eve’s new Light and Power strips offer HomeKit automation


The Eve PowerStrip can be controlled with Siri thanks to HomeKit support.
The Eve PowerStrip can be controlled with Siri thanks to HomeKit support.
Photo: Eve Energy

iPhone users into home automation just got several new options from Eve Energy. It unveiled a Power Strip, a Light Strip, and an updated version of Eve Room, all with HomeKit support.

These devices can be controlled from any iOS device via Siri, or schedules can be set up to turn them on or off.

Ikea expanding its HomeKit accessory lineup with smart plug


Ikea smart home appliances
Ikea's smart home accessories lineup may be expanding
Photo: Ikea

Ikea, the Swedish-based “affordable” home furnishing company, is looking to expand its lineup of Trådfri smart home accessories to include an affordable smart switch. The report, which was first published on reddit and reported by Swedish tech site Teknikveckan, shows a pair of smart plug accessories that would allow your to control “dumb” devices with your smartphone or connected speaker.

Philips’ new Hue lights are ready to take over your home


The White and Color Ambiance Enchant Pendant Lights.
Photo: Philips

Philips wants to cover your home from the inside to the outside with its new lineup of smart lightbulbs that debuted today.

The new collection includes the smart vanity mirror that leaked last month and has a ton of new lights that are perfect for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, den or even the backyard.

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom


The Philips Adore bathroom mirror can e controlled through Apple's HomeKit home automation.
The Philips Adore bathroom mirror can be controlled through Apple's HomeKit home automation.
Photo: Philips

Think about how nice it would be to dim the lights without having to get out of the tub. That’s one of the promises of the Adore Bathroom lighted mirror as it can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

The center of this product is a standard mirror that’s about 20 inches across. This is surrounded by a while LED light that can be dim or bright.

New HomeKit authentication system could bring tons more accessories


An updated version of HomeKit HomeKit really improves the Wemo Mini Smart Plug.
An updated version of HomeKit HomeKit really improves the Wemo Mini Smart Plug.
Photo: Wemo

Accessories can now support Apple’s HomeKit without a special chip. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is the first to use this new system of software authentication.

The Mini Smart Plug ($34.99) offers a single electrical socket that can be controlled by an iPhone though HomeKit. Anything plugged in can be turned on or off remotely, or on a schedule.

Cheap box brings HomeKit-powered sprinklers to the masses


Eve Aqua
Meet the Eve Aqua.
Photo: Elgato

Adding a smartphone-controlled sprinkler system to your house just became insanely affordable feature thanks to a little black box made by the folks at Elgato.

The Eve Aqua aims to turn dumb water faucets into smart water systems by adding Apple’s HomeKit technology to the scene. Watering your lawn is as about to become just a Siri command away.

Control this window air conditioner with your iPhone


GE HomeKit window AC unit
This GE window AC unit is HomeKit compatible, making it far more intelligent than typical ones.
Photo: GE

When people think of home automation, something like the Nest thermostat probably leaps to mind first. But not everyone needs something that elaborate. For those who needs are simpler, GE just launched a window AC unit that’s HomeKit compatible so it can be controlled by an iPhone.