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iPhone 5S To Arrive In June In 6-8 Colors With NFC, ‘Super HD’ Camera [Analyst]


The iPod touch is a much better idea than creating cheap iPhone models.
Will the iPhone 5S be just as colorful as the new iPod touch?

Those analysts are some crazy cats. When you’re having a drab day, you can always count on one of them to pull something spectacular out of the bag. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has done exactly that today when he unveiled his predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5S.

The handset will arrive in June, Misek believes, just nine months after the iPhone 5 made its debut, and it’ll boast NFC connectivity and a “super HD” camera. It’ll also come in 6-8 colors, apparently.

I laughed at Misek’s predictions when I first read them, but could he be right?

New iPad’s Biggest Threat Isn’t From Microsoft Or Google, It’s From The iPad Mini [Report]


The iPad mini is winning.
Bigger isn't always better. It depends how you use it.

Apple launched the fourth-generation iPad back in October, introducing a new A6X processor, a FaceTime HD camera, and its new Lightning connector. But despite those improvements, it appears the device isn’t selling as well as its predecessors. The reason? Another tablet is “cannibalizing” its sales.

But that tablet isn’t from Microsoft, or Google, or Amazon — or any other manufacturer for that matter. That tablet is the iPad mini.

4th Gen iPad’s A6X Processor Makes It More Than Twice As Fast As Its Predecessor


The latest iPad is a speedy fellow.
The latest iPad sure is a speedy fellow.

Shortly before unveiling the iPad mini last week, Apple announced a new fourth-generation iPad — just 7 months after it released the third-generation iPad. In addition to an improved FaceTime camera, faster Wi-Fi, and Apple’s new Lightning connector, the device comes with the latest A6X processor. But is it a worthy upgrade over its predecessor?

Well, if performance is important to you, then yes, it is.

Some Apple Stores Will Let You Swap Your 3rd Gen iPad For The New 4th Gen Within 30 Days


Pick up a new iPad within the last 30 days? Ask Apple to swap it for the latest model.
Pick up a new iPad within the last 30 days? Ask Apple to swap it for the latest model.

While some companies churn out new smartphones and tablets every month, Apple has traditionally given us at least 12 months with our iOS devices before replacing them with newer models. So it was a big surprise to us all when it announced a new and improved fourth-generation iPad on Tuesday, just seven months after the third-generation iPad went on sale.

If you bought a “new” iPad within the last 30 days, however, don’t be too miffed your device is already obsolete — because you could be one of the lucky ones. If you take your device into an Apple Store, there’s a chance you’ll be able to swap it for a brand new, fourth-generation model free of charge.

iPad 3 May Be Getting The iPhone 4S’s Cameras + FaceTime HD, But Won’t Be Total Redesign [Rumor]



What do we know about the iPad 3? It seems almost definite at this point that it will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, feature an A6 chip and a Retina Display when it is released in late March or April, but if iLounge‘s Jeremy Horwitz’s Twitter account is anything to go on, it might also be packing much better cameras.