iOS 13 safeguards private info stored in Contacts


Gaia GPS
Giving your mapping app access to your address book shouldn’t also include your child’s SSN.
Photo: Gaia GPS

A change in iOS 13 blocks third-party applications from accessing the Notes field in the Contacts app. This is because many people have the bad habit of storing confidential information in this field, forgetting that they then give mapping, social networking and other types of apps access to all their Contacts data.

The change isn’t Apple fixing a security hole the company itself introduced. Instead, iPhone and iPad are compensating for users storing personal information insecurely.

Keep your Apple device’s data secure with this VPN [Deals]


This powerful, intuitive VPN is available at a massive discount, so there's no reason not to stay secure online.
This powerful, intuitive VPN is available at a massive discount, so there's no reason not to stay secure online.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Everyone knows that going online is risky business, so why don’t more people use a virtual private network? Maybe it’s the high cost of some VPNs, or the worry that securing your online anonymity will be a hassle.

With this massive deal on a powerful, simple-to-use VPN, neither of those excuses apply.

Hackers and cops hate Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 update


iPhone hacking is more difficulty with iOS 11.4.1
iPhone hacking is more difficulty if a new "USB Accessories" setting in iOS 11.4.1 is left off.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The iOS version debuting today partially deactivates the Lightning port after an iPhone hasn’t been used for an hour. This makes iPhone hacking more difficult, for both criminals and law enforcement.

Previously, this feature was available in iOS betas. iOS 11.4.1 is the first time it’s been in a public version.

Wi-Fi is about to get way more secure


After the changes being implemented in WPA3, you might feel less nervous about public Wi-Fi.

Part of the reason public Wi-Fi is so risky to use is that the security built into this short-range wireless networking standard hasn’t had a significant upgrade since 2004. But that’s about to change.

The Wi-Fi Alliance introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3, the next generation of Wi-Fi security. This adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security and enable more robust authentication. The enterprise version offers increased cryptographic strength.

iPhone hacking van is a spy’s wet dream


WiSpear iPhone hacking van
The WiSpear hacking van sounds like a prop from Mission Impossible, not a product on sale at a recent trade show.
Screencap: Thomas Fox-Brewster

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is real or was dreamed up by a Batman villain. That’s the case with the WiSpear iPhone hacking van.

This tool supposedly can be used to install malware on an iOS or Android device from a third of a mile away.

You can soon see (and delete) everything Apple knows about you


Apple takes privacy seriously
A pop-up in iOS 11.3 gives Apple's commitment to privacy.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple will soon let you download all the information it has stored about you, modify it, or even delete it. The privacy change is required by a new European law, but is also in-line with Apple’s policy to not spy on its customers. This sets it apart from rivals like Google and Facebook.

Become your own cyber security expert with this bundle of lessons [Deals]


These 11 lessons will make sure your business is caught up with the complex world of cyber threats and security.
These 11 lessons will make sure your business is caught up with the complex world of cyber threats and security.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A key part of running any effective business these days is securing computers and online accounts against threats from hackers. The Cyber Security Professional Training and Certification Bundle offers 11 courses and more than 13 hours of instruction covering everything from the history of the software development to specific techniques for defending against attacks. It’s an ideal way to become conversant in cyber security or prepare for certification, and right now it’s a massive 98% off the normal price, just $39.

How To Set Up FileVault Protection On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 7.08.29 PM

If you want to be sure your data is secure on your Mac, Apple has provided an easy way to do so. They’ve created File Vault, accessed via the System Preferences, to encrypt your startup drive with some heavy duty file security.

You’ll need OS X Lion or later, and you’ll have to have an OS X Recovery partition on your drive. This last bit is typically installed on newer Macs, anyway, but to test it out, reboot your Mac and hold the Command-R key down. If you see an OS X Recovery screen, you’re good to go.

Setting up FileVault is even easier than that. Just launch System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy to get started.

48% Of Used Hard Drives Contain Sensitive Data – How To Be Sure Yours Won’t


Discarded hard drives often have residual personal data on them
Discarded hard drives often have residual personal data on them.

Many of us pass our Macs and some external devices on to others when we upgrade. Family and friends may get our hand-me-downs, but quite frequently we’ll sell an old Mac, printer, or external drive on eBay or some other venue. Regardless of where our computers and related technology end up when we outgrow them, it’s important to make sure we scrub any personal data from them.

The importance of securely erasing personal and/or business data from hardware that is being passed on, sold, or even recycled was highlighted in a recent study by Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which discovered that half of all used hard drives contained information from their previous owners.