Dashlane password management: Never breached, always secure

Why you can trust Dashlane password management: Never breached, always secure


Dashlane's best-in-class digital-security tools service more than 15 million people and over 20,000 organizations.
Dashlane's best-in-class tools ensure the security of more than 15 million people and 20,000 organizations.
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These days, with data breaches on the rise, even companies whose job is to keep you secure online are suffering data disasters. But not security-first password manager Dashlane. It has never been breached. Not every password management company can say that.

This post is brought to you by Dashlane.
You can stay safe wherever you go online with 24/7 password protection from Dashlane. This secure password manager works on Mac, iOS and iPadOS, as well as in Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers. (It also works on Windows and Android.)
Read more about Dashlane’s benefits and plans below, and find out how you can take advantage of a special 50% discount for Cult of Mac readers.

Dashlane password management: 24/7 security online

Dashlane prides itself on being a security-first password manager. Boosting safety against online threats is the top priority for Dashlane on behalf of every person and business who uses the service.

And who uses Dashlane to help protect data with best-in-class digital security tools? More than 15 million people use Dashlane through Personal plans, and more than 20,000 organizations use it via Business plans.

Using a secure password manager like Dashlane is crucial, because data breaches are on the rise. Since the start of 2020, 2.5 billion accounts have been breached, according to research by Surfshark. Globally, this means 10 out of 100 people see accounts breached each year.

The United States and Russia rise to the top of Surfshark’s list as the two most-breached countries in the world, in both number of breaches and number of leaked data points. The latter is important because the more types of data that spill, the bigger the threat to your online security in crucial areas like banking.

Industry-leading encryption

Dashlane leads the industry in security, using the strongest encryption available to protect your personal and business passwords and data.

The company relies on a combination of powerful tools, including symmetric Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit keys for encryption and decryption, Webcrypto API for most browser-based cryptography (and iOS and Android native libraries), and the argon2 reference library compiled as WebAssembly (Wasm) or linked to mobile apps.

Even Dashlane can’t access what’s yours

Dashlane is always private and secure. Its web and mobile apps use end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, which ensures that only users can access their private data. Even Dashlane can’t get at it.

Dashlane uses a master password system, in which your particular password is never stored anywhere. And it’s never transmitted online. For accessing local storage and for each of your devices, Dashlane randomly generates unique keys.

Dashlane employs the strongest master password requirements in the industry. And to protect you further, your master password can’t be reset by anyone other than you, not even Dashlane.

3 steps to take if you’re the victim of a data breach

If you’re not currently using Dashlane, and you find yourself the victim of a data breach, you should take the following three steps ASAP.

  1. Change your passwords immediately and use a password generator tool to update them.
  2. Set up two-factor or multifactor authentication for an extra layer of security. This way, if your password becomes stolen or compromised, Dashlane will require a second form of authentication to gain access to your account. Dashlane offers 2FA support and can be used with any authenticator app.
  3. Consider upgrading the security of your data. If you’re not comfortable with where you’re currently storing passwords, payment info and other crucial data, it’s easy to try Dashlane for free. Plus, Dashlane offers easy-to-use tools so you can move your personal or business data from another password manager to Dashlane.

A choice of plans, plus 50% off for Cult of Mac readers

Dashlane offers plans of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs no matter what they are. Individuals can pick a free plan for one device or choose from premium plans for unlimited devices, with special features and more people added for just a little additional cost.

There are business plans, too, to serve your needs as a team, whether it’s small or large. Click on the link below to learn more about Dashlane’s plans and sign up.

You can try it for free on your first device, or take 50% off and upgrade to a premium plan across unlimited devices by using promo code cultofmac50 (code valid through May 31, 2023; new users only).

Prices: Personal plans range from free to $4.99 per month for Premium, plus a Family and Friends & Family Plan for $7.49 per month. Business plans for teams range from $2 to $8 per seat per month.

Find a plan: Dashlane


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