iOS beta adds off switch for iPhone 11 Location Services


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The next iOS update will have an additional off switch for Location Services after recently data privacy concerns.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple is testing an iOS fix for Location Services that will potentially allay any privacy concerns among iPhone 11 users.

Apple makes privacy part of its brand yet found itself answering questions when a security news site in December discovered the iPhone 11 Pro continued to track user location even after all Location Services toggles were switched off.

KrebsOnSecurity reported the Location Services icon was periodically appearing in the status bar despite all toggles being set in the off position.

Apple released a statement to assure iPhone 11 users their data was safe. The tech giant said its new ultra-wideband chip is not enabled everywhere so the phones will often check if it is in an area that recognizes Apple’s UWB tech.

Apple said a new toggle was on the way.

Going through iOS 13.3.1 beta 2, YouTube blogger Brandon Butch took to Twitter today after he found a new toggle to disable ultra wideband.

The new toggle is labeled as “Networking & Wireless under Privacy > Location Services > System Services,” 9To5Mac reported. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ultra-wideband performance could be effected when turning this off.

Source: 9To5Mac