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Apple building smaller, more affordable alternatives to Pro Display XDR


Apple Pro Display XDR
That's good news.
Photo: Apple

Apple is currently building two smaller, more affordable alternatives to its 32-inch Pro Display XDR, according to a leaker. The company is also said to be working on a new high-end display with a built-in A13 chipset.

The new screens in early development reportedly use LG panels. And it remains unclear when they might hit the market.

What Apple’s got up its sleeve for 2022 [The CultCast]


What Apple's got up its sleeve for 2022 [The CultCast]
This is where Apple's puck is going next year. Probably.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: It sounds like Apple has some really big plans for 2022. We’re psyched about some things, skeptical about others, but definitely shining up our Apple Cards.

Also on The CultCast:

  • Snap Spectacles, as modeled by Alex E. Heath.
  • Anxiously awaiting the end of the “notch.”
  • AppleCare+ getting a fear-based boost?
  • More of our Gear of the Year picks.

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iPhone SE 3 with 5G could be right around the corner


2020 iPhone SE supports all Apple services.
The second-gen iPhone SE from 2020 will soon be replaced.
Photo: Apple

Apple is on course to introduce its third-generation iPhone SE early in 2022, according to a market-analysis firm. It’s expected to be the first in this budget line with 5G cellular-wireless networking.

But other details on the device are more sketchy at this point.

Large-screen iPhone SE might be pushed back to 2024


Replacing iPhone notch with holepunch camera makes no damn sense
We might be waiting until 2024 for an iPhone SE with an edge-to-edge display and hole-punch camera.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

The first iPhone SE with an edge-to-edge display won’t launch until 2024, according to a new report. And the third-generation model in the budget line, expected in 2022, supposedly will come with an unexpected name.

Drool-worthy M2 MacBook Air concept shows off super-slim design


Drool-worthy M2 MacBook Air concept shows off super slim design
The 2022 MacBook Air could be the crazy slim macOS notebook many people have been hoping for.
Photo: Front Page Tech /Renders by Ian

A new series of renders based on rumors about the 2022 MacBook Air show just how slim it might be. And how it might borrow many of the features of the recently announced MacBook Pro.

The upcoming model reportedly will include an M2 processor, a MagSafe connector and a mini-LED display with a screen notch. But not the wedge design of previous MacBook Airs.

Everything you can expect from Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event


Everything to expect at the Apple October Mac event
Plenty of new Macs are possibly on the agenda for the Apple October event.
Concepts: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac/Antonio De Rosa

Apple Unleashed event bug Apple’s “Unleashed” event on Monday is likely to bring what Mac fans have been eagerly anticipating for over a year: redesigned MacBook Pro models with upgraded displays and the return of traditional ports. But that’s just the start. We could see the debut of two more models, all powered by a new Apple M-series processor.

Here are the computers that leaks and rumors say are coming. But we could always be surprised. Again.

Here are some ‘big things’ that might launch at Apple’s October event


Here are some ‘big things’ that might launch at Apple Oct. 18 event
A couple of big things might be on the docket for the Apple October event.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple promises “big things” at its product event happening October 18. Although that’s the only official hint we have, leaks have revealed details on a couple of extra-large Macs that might fit the bill.

And there could be good news for fans of both MacBook and iMac at the “Unleashed” event.

Laughable report claims Apple will take on Nintendo Switch with powerful hybrid console


The Nintendo Switch's flexible Joy-Con controllers work just fine with a Mac (but not an iPhone).
Don't get your hopes up.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple is developing its own “Nintendo Switch style gaming console” with a hybrid design that “will outperform anything that Microsoft or Sony offers in 2021,” according to one very sketchy report citing unnamed sources.

The company has games “rivaling” Nintendo hits The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey that are “almost ready to go” to showcase the device, which will supposedly be powered by Apple Silicon.

Don’t expect mini-LED MacBook Air before fall 2022


2020 MacBook Air
The 2020 MacBook Air is expected to be replaced with a considerable upgrade. But it’ll be a while.
Photo: Apple

A MacBook Air with 13.3-inch mini-LED display is reportedly a bit farther away that previously thought. An analyst predicts it will go into production in time for a fall 2022 release, not a summer one.

But they’ll be new macOS laptops long before then. Apple is widely expected to launch a pair of redesigned MacBook Pro models with mini-LED and an updated M-series processor possibly as soon as October 2021.

Apple intensifies its war on leakers


When will the Apple leaks stop?
Tim Cook says Apple is “doing everything in our power” to find iPhone leakers.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook is fed up with employees who leak details of upcoming devices to the press. He sent out a company-wide memo that said, “people who leak confidential information do not belong here.”

The memo was quickly leaked to the press.

Evidence grows for ‘hole punch’ camera in iPhone 14


Replacing iPhone notch with holepunch camera makes no damn sense
Two generally reliable sources now say the iPhone 14 will have a hole punch camera.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

A trusted analyst has backed up a recent leak that the iPhone 14 will replace the screen notch with a hole punch camera. And there are other significant changes reportedly coming in the 2022 model.

But TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pushed back his prediction for when some much-anticipated features will reach the iPhone.

AirPods could soon drop in price


In the future, your AirPods might take your temperature, check your posture and help with hearing.
Apple might be about to make AirPods more affordable.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel

Apple is expected to introduce the third-generation of AirPods this week. But the current version of these truly wireless headphones reportedly won’t be discontinued. This might result in AirPods 2 dropping in price.

It would be quite a change, as Apple’s earbuds are some of the most expensive on the market.

Here are all the changes expected in the iPhone 13


This concept image shows how the iPhone 13 notch might shrink.
A smaller notch is just one of many changes that leaked out about the iPhone 13 ahead of the impending launch.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

Apple will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 13 at its “California Streaming” event on Tuesday. But why wait? Virtually all the details already leaked out. Here’s everything we’re expecting for Apple’s 2021 handset.

This won’t be a simple “speed bump” upgrade. Quite a bit is changing.

Apple’s ‘California streaming’ invite hints at iPhone 13 features


Apple’s 'California streaming' event invite hints at iPhone 13 features
Does this image suggest new camera features for the iPhone 13?
Photo: Apple

Some people love to carefully examine Apple event invites as though each one serves as a crystal ball that can show the future. The one that went out Tuesday might have been crafted to suggest that the iPhone 13 will be better at taking pictures of stars. Or maybe it hints that Apple’s virtual-reality headset will be unveiled.

On the other hand, it could be nothing more than a pretty picture.

iPhone 13’s secret satellite trick! [CultCast No. 508]


Cult of Mac podcast: This week on The CultCast, we talk iPhone 13's satellite secret.
What will iPhone 13's satellite communications feature actually do?
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: It sounds like iPhone 13 will come with a secret satellite trick that will give you signal anywhere on Earth! The feature might not prove as groundbreaking as it initially seemed, but it still sounds like a lifesaver.

Also on The CultCast:

  • Sorry, but Apple Watch Series 7 might be a much smaller update than we’ve been told.
  • A radical new South Korean law is forcing Apple to open up the App Store there — and other countries are sure to follow.
  • Sadly, it couldn’t last forever. It sounds like our beloved Tim Cook is eyeing his retirement from Apple. So who at Apple will take the reins next?  We got it all figured out!

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Apple Watch 7 may not be compatible with bands you already own


Elago Sport band for Apple Watch
Or will it?
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be the biggest yet, with new screens that measure 41mm and 45mm. It’s rumored Apple will increase case sizes to accommodate those larger panels — and that could be bad news for your bands.

One tipster, citing Apple Store employees, says Apple is allowing existing band stocks to dwindle because its next-generation Watch models won’t be compatible with them.

Apple readies processor to power future VR headset


A Apple VR headset is an Open secret, as demonstrated by a recent patent filing.
An illustration from a recent Apple patent filing shows a possible VR headset.
Graphic: Apple

Apple is almost ready to send the chip that’ll be at the heart of its virtual reality headset to production, according to an unconfirmed report. That’s a big step in the product reaching customers’ hands.

Production woes might delay Apple Watch Series 7


Apple Watch Series 7 concept
Apple Watch Series 7 might not be out in September, as had been hoped.

The debut of Apple Watch Series 7 will be pushed back due to production difficulties, according to an unconfirmed report Tuesday.

A new flat-sided look, and the addition of a blood-pressure monitor and other features, has left Apple scrambling to finalize the smartwatch’s design. Apple allegedly put assembly of the wearable on hold while the company’s engineers try to fix the problems.

Rumored iPhone satellite communications could be for serious emergencies only


Rumored iPhone satellite communications could be for serious emergencies only
Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Someday your iPhone might be able to summon help even if you can’t get a cell signal.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Max Pixel

A second trusted source for insider Apple information says future iPhones will be able to communicate with satellites, exchanging texts and possibly phone calls. But new leaked details indicate this feature will be more limited than some might hope.

It would still be a significant advancement by Apple. The company reportedly is even considering launching its own satellites.

iPhone 13 might offer service from anywhere via satellite calls and texts


Globalstar satellites
iPhone 13 will reportedly be able to use satellites to exchange calls and texts.
Photo: Globalstar

The iPhone 13 will offer two-way communication with low Earth orbit satellites, according to a report from a reliable Apple analyst. If the prediction proves correct, making phone calls and exchanging texts via satellite connection will be possible with Apple’s next handset.

14-inch MacBook Pro could be just as fast, almost as pricey as 16-inch model


Full-screen works great on a MacBook.
A lot faster and a lot more expensive.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The next-generation 14-inch MacBook Pro will be nearly identical to the 16-inch model that launches alongside it in terms of performance, according to a tipster. Both machines are expected to feature the same M1X chip.

That’s great news for those who want a capable machine that’s small enough to take anywhere — but there is a downside. The leaker also claims that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be close to the 16-inch model in price.