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Apple’s ‘One Night’ ads show iPhone photography around the globe


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Apple's new ads have an international flavor.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted four new ads on its YouTube channel, showing off the photography prowess of the iPhone 7 through 15 second snapshots of four different cities.

The ads highlight Johannesburg, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo, and focus particularly on the iPhone’s ability to shoot in low light conditions. Check them out below.

What happened to Apple’s marketing magic?


When will we see another "1984?"
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Chances are you can vaguely remember the last Apple ad you saw, but do you remember it in the same way you remember the company’s “1984” commercial for the original Macintosh, or its wonderful “Think Different” campaign? It’s been a while since we saw anything quite as iconic.

Friday-Night-Fights-bug-2Apple still creates great commercials we can’t help but talk about, but many fans would say those ads aren’t as good as they once were. Has Apple lost its marketing magic, or is it just too difficult to create truly iconic ads in the digital age?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we battle it out over these questions and more!

Apple’s not forgetting about the iPhone 6 as it debuts 7 new ads


If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone.
Photo: Apple

With unparalleled numbers of orders from Apple, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may be the handset everyone’s talking about right now, but don’t think that Cupertino has given up on its previous record-breaker, the iPhone 6.

The company has debuted not one, two, three, but seven new ads and commercial spots showing off Apple’s current-gen iPhones. Check them out below:

Google Blocks Two Chrome Extensions For Serving Unauthorized Ads



Google has removed two Chrome extensions from its web store after it was discovered that they were serving unauthorized ads in violation of the company’s terms of service. Both “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” contained hidden code that served “undesirable” ads to their users while they were browsing the web, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple Releases iAd Gallery App for Those that Love Watching Adverts



If you’re the kind of person who loves to watch commercials – you’ll love Apple’s new iAd Gallery application that just hit the App Store. Apple describes the application as a “celebration of advertising,” allowing you to view every iAd currently on the network.

Featuring adverts from some of the world’s biggest brands, a spinning wheel view lets you scroll through the collection of iAds and view the ones that take your fancy. If you really enjoy a particular add, you can ‘love’ it and make it one of your favorites. You can also search the collection by advertiser, category, or feature.

It’s not just ads, however – you can also learn more about the products advertised and the advertising agencies behind them.

Despite all of its features, I’m still not sure I get the point of the iAd Gallery application. I spend a lot of time trying to avoid adverts, especially within iOS applications, so the idea of an app – with no other content but iAds – is my idea of a virtual nightmare.

Having said that, it’s certainly worth checking out – if only for a few minutes. In true Apple style it’s well made, easy to use, and contains a catalogue of iAds that aren’t quite as boring as other adverts.

Only Apple could get away with making an application full of its adverts and still be respected.

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