Apple Could Announce New iPhone, New iPad & New Apple TV At ‘Crowded’ Event This Fall [Report]


The iPad mini is on its way.
One analyst believes the iPad mini will launch for $299 this fall.

Although a new iPhone didn’t show its face during Apple’s WWDC keynote back in June, the Cupertino company did release a number of new products, including refreshed MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and Mac Pros; a new “next generation” MacBook Pro, and more. But according to one analyst, the Cupertino company’s fall event will be even bigger, with a new iPhone, a new iPad, and a new Apple TV all on their way.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes Apple’s September/October event will be “crowded” with new products, including one we’ve all been waiting for. That is, of course, the “iPad mini,” a smaller version of Apple’s incredibly popular tablet.

Munster expects the device to ship with 16GB of storage for $299 — $100 more than the 8GB iPod touch — and he predicts Apple will ship a whopping 4-6 million of them this holiday season. By introducing the smaller model, Munster says Apple will “eliminate two of the biggest features for Android tablet makers in price and size.”

This will allow the iPad mini to take 30% of sales from Android tablets, according to Munster. But it won’t just be Android tablet makers who feel the impact; the existing 10-inch iPad is also expected to see a 10% fall in sales as consumers rush to adopt the cheaper, smaller slate.

Accompanying the iPad mini at Apple’s fall event will be a fourth-generation Apple TV, Munster believes. Although it is expected to maintain that $99 price tag, there’s no indication what the new set-top box might bring.

Finally, the event will also see the unveiling of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. Again, Munster didn’t reveal what he expected from this particular device, but according to recent reports highlights will include a larger 4-inch display, a thinner form factor, and a new mini dock connector.

Source: AppleInsider

Via: AppAdvice

  • ErinsDad

    Try the iPad Mini for light days.

  • Shane Bryson


  • Mrcjones

    This is all great, but i’d prefer an earlier launch for the new iPhone because my 3GS is getting really tired, it’s so close I can’t bring myself to go get a 4S.

  • TavishNYC

    iPad Mini- won’t believe ’til I see it, despite recent rumors from the supply chain, WSJ, etc. The original iPad was deemed the “perfect” size by Jobs, and the design team, for MANY good reasons. The ONLY reason that Apple has to make a smaller iPad is to obliterate the competition in the smaller tablet market. Do they really need to do that? I don’t think so. I’m not saying the iPad Mini won’t happen, but this would never happen if Jobs was still alive.

    A new Apple TV- when has Apple ever released 2 iterations of the same product in 1 year? Answer: NEVER. A new software upgrade is more likely, and would be greatly welcomed by all. I just got the Apple TV, and the only useful REAL feature on it is iTunes to rent/buy movies, etc. The Airplay/Mirroring for gaming is a TOTAL joke for which Apple should be ashamed. I hope they fix this.

    The “new” iPhone- that’s a “given.”

  • Skywaytraffic

    Seriously. Stop with this shit.

  • PGEddington

    I remember the last time Apple introduced a new mobile product with only one model available….oh, wait.

  • Michael Dalessandro II

    So wait… you are telling me that Apple is going to introduce 2 new iPads with the old dock connector only to introduce a new iPhone 5 minutes later with a new dock connector? Not happening.

  • Mahler12x

    “new products, including one we’ve all been waiting for. That is, of course, the iPad mini…”

    I could give a rat’s ass about an iPad “mini” and I haven’t heard a single person who’s “waiting” for one.

  • technochick

    The ONLY reason that Apple has to make a smaller iPad is to obliterate the competition in the smaller tablet market.

    Agreed. Competing with the Fire etc is the only reason anyone is giving. Forgetting that Apple is killing the tablet market with their current model while the other side only has the smaller size. So there’s no guarantee that a 7 inch iPad would really make a difference. Would the sales really be that huge or would they actually be the same if there was just the 10 inch model because folks want an iPad enough to buy that larger one if that’s the only choice they have.