WhatsApp rolls out encrypted chat backups on iPhone


WhatsApp encrypted chat backup
Ensuring only you have access to your chat data.
Image: WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s encrypted backups features is now rolling out on iPhone. Users can create a password to prevent unauthorized access to their chat data, while still uploading it to iCloud or Google Drive for their convenience.

The feature ensures that your WhatsApp chats are protected, even if the backup file itself somehow makes it into the wrong hands.


iPhone sideloading isn't safe, Apple says
iOS restrictions make it safer than Android, Apple says.
Image: Apple

Google exec calls on Apple to adopt better, more secure text messaging


Google calls on Apple to adopt RCS for better messaging
But it probably won't happen.
Photo: Apple

Google executive Hiroshi Lockheimer has called on Apple to adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol that would enable improved and more secure messaging between iPhone and Android devices.

RCS brings a number of modern features — including support for audio messages, group chats, typing indicators and read receipts — and end-to-end encryption to traditional text messaging. But it’s unlikely Apple will play ball.

BlueStacks X lets you play Android games in a browser on Mac and iPad


BlueStacks X brings Android games to your browser
More than 200 titles are currently available.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

BlueStacks, the company behind the popular Android emulator for Windows, just launched a cloud-based Android game player that works inside your browser on Mac, Windows, iPad, and almost any other device.

Simply sign into BlueStacks X and you can instantly access a catalog of titles that are ready to play in just one click (or tap). There are more than 200 games available right now, and BlueStacks says it will add more every week.

Google wants to bring Android games to your Mac


Android games on the way to Mac
It wants to "provide the most reach of any platform."
Photo: Oppo

Google plans to bring Android apps and games to Mac and Windows in the coming years, according to internal documents recently made public as a result of the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

As part of a project it calls “Games Future,” the company wants to make quality games available “on all screens.” The service is expected to run alongside Stadia, Google’s platform for streaming PC games to any device.

iPhone users are more loyal to their brand than Android buyers


market share
iOS and Android are now neck-and-neck in the US.
Photo: CIRP

iOS has clawed back enough market share in the US that it is now approximately even with Android in terms of number of buyers, claims a Monday report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), seen by Cult of Mac. The results, which cover the calendar quarter ending June 30, are a far cry from just four years ago, when US mobile market share approached 70% in Android’s favor.

It speaks to the greater level of loyalty of iPhone users over their Android-loving brethren and sistren.


Top apps on iOS and Android
Turns out preinstalled apps are the most widely used. Whodda thunkit?
Photo: Comscore/Facebook