Samsung’s AirDrop clone will debut with Galaxy S20 next month


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Samsung is developing its own AirDrop competitor that will make its debut alongside the Galaxy S20 next month, according to a new report.

Leaked Quick Share screenshots reveal the feature will let users “share instantly with people nearby.” This is separate from the AirDrop rival Google is reportedly planning for all Android devices.


That didn't take long.
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WhatsApp is dropping support for iOS 8 in early 2020


Facebook messaging apps
It's time to upgrade if you haven't already.
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WhatsApp today confirmed it will drop support for devices running iOS 8 early next year.

You’ll need to update to iOS 9 or later to continue using the app. WhatsApp warns that some features could stop working at any time after support ends in February.


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A single WhatsApp message can destroy your group chats


WhatsApp group notifications
Update WhatsApp today.
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Security researchers have discovered that a single text message can destroy your group chats inside WhatsApp.

The flaw, present on both Android and iOS, causes WhatsApp to crash and forces users to reinstall the app. Affected group chats must be deleted to prevent the “crash-loop” from happening again.

But there’s good news: WhatsApp has already fixed the issue, so all you need to do is update to the latest version of the app.


Poopdie is an Android exclusive for now.
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Google Maps for iOS finally gets Incognito Mode


Google Maps Feb 18 update
Google Maps is finally starting to care more about privacy.
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Google added new privacy protection features to the iOS version of Google Maps today, including Incognito Mode. The new feature, which has been available on Google Maps for Android for a while, makes it so that your searches and other navigation data isn’t saved to your Google Account.

Here’s how to toggle it on and off:

iPhone launch schedule may get big shakeup in 2021


iPhone 11 has been good to Apple's manufacturing partners.
Photo: Apple

Big changes could be coming to the way Apple launches iPhone, starting in 2021.

Analysts at JP Morgan Chase published a new research note today claiming Apple is readying its supply chain to be able to launch new iPhones twice a year. The move would supposedly give Apple more flexibility to add new features over a six month period and better compete with companies like Samsung and Huawei.

Massive Android flaw left Camera app vulnerable to hijackers


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Here's another reason to ditch Android.
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Security researchers revealed a huge vulnerability in Google’s Android operating system that could have allowed hackers to access users’ photos and camera without their knowledge.

The camera app vulnerability was potentially on hundreds of millions of Android phones and tablets. Tech security firm Checkmarx highlighted the dangers of the flaw by creating a proof-of-concept weather app that can record phone calls, snap photos and pictures and send all the data to a remote server.