Gmail for iOS just got a big notifications upgrade


Gmail iOS
Suck it, spam messages!
Photo: Google

Some of us need to have email notifications enabled, but we don’t want our iPhone to ping every time a spam message hits out inbox. Gmail just got a big notifications upgrade that solves this problem.

Its official iOS app now uses artificial intelligence to provide notifications for your most important emails only.

Ark: Survival Evolved lands on Android and iOS


Ark: Survival Evolved
Will your survive?
Photo: Studio Wildcard

WhatsApp confirms plans to drop support for iOS 7


WhatsApp won’t support your aging iPhone forever.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp has confirmed plans to drop support for iOS 7.

The hugely popular messaging service, owned by Facebook, will continue to work for a little while yet. However, WhatsApp warns that it is no longer actively developing for iOS 7, and certain features could stop working at any time.

Microsoft is bringing Gears of War to iOS … with a twist


Gears Pop! lands on mobile in 2019.
Photo: Microsoft

Hit Microsoft franchise Gears of War is making the leap to mobile next year in Gears Pop!

Microsoft has teamed up with Mediatonic and Funko to bring the popular shooter to Android and iOS with a big twist. And yes, that’s the same Funko that creates adorable pop culture collectibles.

Enjoy the first trailer right here.

Google again follows Apple’s lead, removes meat from salad emoji


Salad emoji from various companies
At the urging of vegans, the egg is being removed from Google's salad emoji, pictured at right. Apple's, Samsung's, and other's versions are already meat-less.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Google has bowed to pressure from vegans and taken the egg out of Android’s salad emoji.

This isn’t something iPhone users need concern themselves with, as Apple’s version is already meatless.

Valve makes controversial decision to ‘allow everything’ in Steam Store


Valve Steam
Steam Link could finally be arriving soon.
Photo: Valve

Valve is making a huge change that’s going to have a massive impact on the content you see in the Steam Store. The company is doing away with human curation and allowing everything to be sold through its platform.

Valve says it should be up to players to decide what kinds of games they play, while developers should have the freedom to choose what kinds of games they make. However, it will be creating new tools that give shoppers greater control over what appears in their Steam Store.

macOS Mojave changes spell doom for indie Mac games


Steamcrate game subscription offer
Apple is making life a lot harder for smaller game studios.
Photo: Cult of Mac

A big change Apple is making with macOS Mojave could make it more difficult for indie developers to build cross-platform games.

Apple is pushing game creators to drop OpenGL in favor of its own Metal API, which isn’t supported by third-party platforms. It may mean smaller game development teams are forced to choose between releasing on macOS or other operating systems.

Epic makes big promises for Fortnite on mobile, but one thing’s missing


Fortnite mobile controller
Fortnite mobile will see huge improvements this summer.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Epic Games is preparing a number of big features for Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile.

In its “State of Mobile” update published today, the company promises voice chat and statistics are coming this summer — along with Android support. But one key feature, which we’ve all been patiently waiting for, is missing from its list.