iPhone users are more loyal to their brand than Android buyers


market share
iOS and Android are now neck-and-neck in the US.
Photo: CIRP

iOS has clawed back enough market share in the US that it is now approximately even with Android in terms of number of buyers, claims a Monday report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), seen by Cult of Mac. The results, which cover the calendar quarter ending June 30, are a far cry from just four years ago, when US mobile market share approached 70% in Android’s favor.

It speaks to the greater level of loyalty of iPhone users over their Android-loving brethren and sistren.


Top apps on iOS and Android
Turns out preinstalled apps are the most widely used. Whodda thunkit?
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Microsoft copies Apple, puts Android apps on Windows 11


Microsoft copies Apple, puts Android apps on Windows 11
Running phone apps on a desktop or notebook. Now where have I heard of that before?
Photo: Microsoft

Windows 11 borrows a page from Apple’s playbook and can run applications created for smartphones. In the case of Microsoft’s just-announced operating system update, users will be able to install Android apps from Amazon’s software store.

That’s quite similar to M1-based Macs’ ability to run iOS and iPadOS software as easily as macOS apps.

iOS 15 makes it even easier for Android users to switch to iPhone


iOS 15 makes it easier for Android users to switch
You can now transfer even more data.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Android users will enjoy a more seamless experience when switching to iPhone this fall with the improved “Move to iOS” feature in iOS 15.

After several years of no significant changes, the switching tool is finally getting the ability to copy over photo albums, files, folders, and even more from Android devices.

Today in Apple history: Apple embraces over-the-air iOS updates


ios 5
Over-the-air iOS updates took iTunes out of the equation (and leveled the playing field with Android).
Photo: Apple

May 4: Today in Apple history: Apple embraces over-the-air iOS updates May 4, 2011: Reports circulate that Apple is negotiating with carriers to bring over-the-air updates to iOS, beginning with iOS 5.

Such a move would free iPhone owners from using iTunes to get updates for their devices. That means no more plugging an iPhone into a computer via USB to download the latest version of iOS.

Insider emails reveal why Apple never made iMessage for Android


Court filings show why Apple didn't port iMessage to Android.
The green bubble mystery is solved!
Photo: Alexander Shatov/Unsplash CC

Now we know why Apple never brought iMessage to Android, despite the fact that doing so could have made it a ubiquitous messaging app like WhatsApp.

In a court filing for the company’s ongoing legal battle with Fortnite-maker Epic Games, internal emails showcase exactly why Apple execs made the decision they did. And, yes, it’s probably for the reason you guessed!

iPhone loyalty soars as Samsung’s takes a nosedive


Apple vs Samsung
iPhone loyalty is strong. The same can‘t be said for users of Samsung handsets.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Apple users are more likely than ever to buy a new iPhone, according to survey results released Tuesday. Nearly 92% of current iOS users intend to stick with the platform.

But the situation isn’t so rosy for archrival Samsung, as 26% of Galaxy smartphone users plan to switch to another platform. And most of these switchers have their eye on an iPhone.