Carriers push ‘Stay Home’ messages to iPhone amid COVID-19 pandemic


Just in case you forget.
Photo: Alexander Sibert

iPhone users in many countries around the world have started seeing “Stay Home” messages from multiple carriers when they disable Wi-Fi.

The message, designed to remind people that they shouldn’t be leaving home during the COVID-19 pandemic unless it’s absolutely necessary, appears at the top of Control Center, alongside the carrier’s name.

Androids lose resale value twice as fast as iPhone


iPhone resale value beats Android year after year.
After a few years, it’s hardly worth the hassle of reselling an Android.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

There’s an area where Android is much faster than any iPhone: losing value. A gadget trade-in service tracked the depreciation of Apple and Android handsets and found that after a year the iPhone had held on to far more of its resale value.

Moment drops Android camera app to focus exclusively on iOS


iPhone lenses
Moment's Pro Camera app is now iPhone-only.
Photo: Moment

Smartphone lens-maker Moment will develop photo and video apps exclusively for iPhone, after the company said Monday it will discontinue the Android version of its popular Pro Camera app.

Moment, known for its high-quality lenses, bailed on Android because it does not have the “engineering bandwidth” to keep up with the various camera systems among Android brands. The Pro Camera app continues on iOS.

Apple Music finally available inside Shazam on Android


Grab the latest update to get started.
Photo: Android Police

Shazam is finally offering Apple Music integration on Android, almost two years after the music identification service was acquired by Apple.

Users have the ability to identify songs and enjoy full versions of them using their Apple Music subscription. The feature comes with a beta tag for now, but works just as you would expect.

Samsung crams unsightly ads onto $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip phones


Z Flip
Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip.
Photo: Samsung

The new Galaxy Z Flip is one of the most expensive phones you can buy right now but it doesn’t come with an ad-free experience.

Less than a week after the phone launched, new owners discovered that Samsung put advertisements directly into the phone app. Anytime Galaxy Z Flip users go to make a call on the device they paid for they’re greeted with ads based on places nearby.

Look at this ugly interface:

Coronavirus’ latest victim: Massive electronics show MWC


Everyone who is anyone in mobile (except Apple) will be at Mobile World Congress 2018.
MWC Barcelona 2020 has been canceled.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Mobile World Congress 2020, the biggest annual trade show focused on smartphones, has been canceled.

News of the canceling comes less than two weeks before the event was supposed to open its doors in Barcelona, Spain where over 100,000 visitors and over 2,000 exhibitors from around the world were expected to attend.

Hot new Pokémon-like RPG Temtem isn’t coming to Mac or iOS


Temtem is the closest you'll get to a Pokémon game built for PC.
Photo: Crema

Sorry, Pokémon fans, but hot new role-playing game Temtem isn’t coming to your Apple devices.

Publisher Humble Bundle today confirmed to Cult of Mac that there are currently no plans to bring the online creature-catching title to macOS. And it’s not looking good for iPhone and iPad, either.


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If you want to make money off apps, iOS is where the money is at.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac